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How to build a complete BMX bike out of the box.

How To Build a Complete Bike From The Box

Learn what all is needed to build your brand new bike up yourself! With a few simple hand tools and basic mechanical knowledge, you can build your new BMX right at home or even at the skatepark. From freestyle bikes to race bikes, this video will guide you through the process.

Get Tech: Everything you need to know about BMX freecoasters


Freecoaseters very well may be just as common as a cassette hub these days. While they make a lot of tricks much easier, they can be very confusing to understand and work on. Here, we break down the different types of freecoasters as well as how to perform maintenance on them to keep the working properly.

BMX Tire Installation

Tire Installation

Installing a tire can be difficult and if not done right, often leads to the tire blowing off the rim and destroying the inner tube. Learn our tips and tricks to properly mount a tire.

Dan's Comp Tech Series: How to insall BMX grips.

Grips Installation

Putting new grips on your BMX bike can be one of the most frustrating things to do. That is, unless you know the pro tips. Here, we explain different ways to install your BMX grips to make it a quick and easy process.

BMX frame geomtry: Why it matters.

BMX Frame Geometry

BMX frame geometry can seem rather complicated at first glance. With all the various sizes and angles listed, how do these changes in geometry affect your riding? We break down toptube length, headtube angle, bottom bracket height, and everything in-between, to help you choose that perfect frame based on your riding style.

How to install BMX handlebars.

Handlebar Installation

Here, we breakdown what to look for when buying a new handlebar as well as a guide on how to properly install them. Installing your bars incorrectly could throw off how the entire bike handles and could lead to the bars moving and causing you to crash.

All you need to know about BMX forks.

Everything To Know About BMX Forks

BMX forks have a lot of factors that often get overlooked by most riders. Here, we explain those factors, including fork height, offset, steer tube length, bearing race and more. We also explain how to properly install you fork.

FAQ about BMX wheels and hubs.

BMX Hub & Wheels: Answering All Your Questions!

Here, we go deep, I mean deep, in depth on all the questions we et asked about BMX wheels and hubs. This can be a very confusing topic, considering all the different hub types, bearings, axles, spokes, nipples, lacing patterns, and so much more. Class is in session!

How To install BMX pedals.

BMX Pedal Install: How To

Pedals are a part of the bike that seem pretty basic, however, there's so many different types. They can also be very tricky to install and remove considering one of the pedals has reverse threads. Righty-tighty lefty-loosey? Nuh-uh! Dan's Comp gives you a full breakdown on all the different types of pedals and some tips on how to install them.

All you need to know about BMX seats.

Get Tech: Different Types of BMX Seats

There's several different types of BMX seats out there these days and a lot of confusing terms. What is a pivotal seat? A railed seat sounds uncomfortable, who would want that? Stealth mount or traditional? I don't know! Learn all about the different types and terms for BMX seats here.

How to install a BMX headset.

BMX Headset Installation Instructions

Does your headset have play in it? Does it creak or not spin properly? Here are some installation tips and tricks on how to install and maintain you BMX headset whether it's integrated or standard.

How to install a BMX stem.

How To Install a BMX Stem

Installing a BMX stem can be a bit tricky. Learn the pro tips on how to install a stem to be sure your headset is properly tensioned and your bars are being held on securely. Hint, it's all about the X pattern. Learn more here!

Different types of BMX brakes.

Brake Types & FAQ

Learn all about the different types of brakes used in the BMX world, both freestyle and race. We take a deep dive on brake types, brake cables, removable brake mounts, brake pads, gyros and more

How to install and set up a BMX detangler and gyro system.

Detangler? Gyro? What Is It & How Do You Set It Up?

Detanglers, also known as a gyro, allow you to spin your handlebars around without your brake cables getting wrapped up. Gyros can be very overwhelming and complicated to install and get working properly. Here, we discuss how to install your gyro kit and get your brakes working top-notch!