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Although you only need them getting in the gate and slowing down after the line, a nice set of brakes for your BMX bike is comforting to have just in case. We stock brakes, cables and pads from the best brands in the industry. Whether you're replacing a brake lever or some worn out pads, or building a new bike and looking for a matching color set, we have you covered. Shop a variety of brakes from Bombshell, Answer or entry level brake sets like Tektro. If money is no object nothing feels better than a set of Paul Love Levers and Motolite Caliper Brakes (just know they install and adjust a little bit differently than other brands). Don't forget to pick up a new brake cable and cut it to length straight through the cable, not at an angle to avoid fray. We carry pads, cables, cutters and more in stock at two warehouses to reach you faster than any other online retailer and just in time for this weekend's race!

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