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BMX Racing Seat Posts & Extenders

Often overlooked, the seatpost does serve a purpose on a BMX Race bike and substantial weight savings can be had by choosing the right post and the right length. Seat posts may be fitted for a pivotal seat with a single bolt installed through the top of the seat or a rail clamping style. Pivotal are generally lighter in weight. All seat posts can be cut down to shave weight, but do ensure that enough meat is left on the bone to adequate secure the seat in a higher position. Some riders install seat post extenders with a the use of a quick release which allows them to warm up or pedal around the pits in a higher position. Riders may also opt for a secondary seat post altogether with a more comfortable saddle for this use. Check your frames specs to determine the right diameter of your seat post 22.2mm 25.4mm 26.8mm or 27.2mm.

BMX Race Seat Posts

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