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BMX Racing Chains | Hollow & Solid Pins | Half & Full Link

Chains are one of the most important parts of your drivetrain and getting around the track before the other guy. If you're building a new race bike or replacing a chain on your old one, choose a lightweight and free spinning chain from SRAM, KMC, Answer or Shimano. Hollow Pin Chains shave ounces while still holding up to to rigor of racing. SRAM and Shimano Quick Link chains make chain sizing and installation easy - be sure to grab a set of quick link pliers to install or remove these links. Other chains require the use of a chain breaker. When resizing a chain without a quicklink, be careful to properly count the links on your existing chain or set the old chain side by side on a flat surface with the new one to line them up to the same length. Do not push the pin all the way through the chain or fitting it back in will be difficult, if not impossible. Special replacement chain pins are available should you need them. Proper chain tension is vital, look for tight spots after the install and make adjustments with chain tensioners until you have worked out these spots. A race chain should not have slop, so get your chain as tight as you can but still allowing it to move freely.

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