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BMX Racing Tires | 20" 24" Folding or Wire Bead

We have BMX race tires for all track types and rider sizes from the top brands like Answer, Maxxis and Tioga. Commonly found in 20" and 24" Cruiser, tires can be somewhat track specific so pay attention to what the local fast guys are running on your surface. Some tires may be offered in a "Directional" tread pattern, meaning there is only one way to mount the tire. The DTH by Maxxis is one such tire and has been regarded as one of the fastest all around tires on the market. When changing a tire, we recommend the Pedro's Tire Levers to make removal and install easy. The width of the tire and the pressure to inflate the tire is also important to reduce rolling resistance. It's typical to keep a younger rider on a more narrow tire, 1 3/8", until they start jumping, then progress into a 1.5" wide tire. The more narrow tire reduces resistance on the ground and sheds weight. On hard pack smooth surfaces, inflate tires to the maximum allowed, where on a bumpy or more loose surface, you may opt for a lower tire pressure to give you better grip.

BMX Race Tires

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