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An aluminum set of pedals can complete the look of your bike, but is also a key component in transferring energy from the rider to the rear wheel. Pedals come in lightweight and stiff aluminum, but also come in high strength Nylon material. BMX Pedals generally come with small screws/pegs that give the rider a stronger connection to the pedal, but can be brutal on the shins in the event of a pedal slip (Shop Pads). With the rules changing, keeping less experienced riders on flats longer, racers can choose between smaller and larger platform sizes to match the size of their foot. Experienced riders can enjoy the benefits of "clipping in" binding the shoe to the pedal with an SPD, Time, or Crank Brothers "Egg Beater" style of cleat. BMX cleats and technology matches what is seen in the MTB segment and are typically dual sides for easier entry are easier to walk on and more resistant to the negative impacts of dirt and rocks than traditional Road Cleats. To make sure you have the right cleat/shoe combination, shop for shoes with 4 bolt holes on the bottom and rubber pads for walking safely around the track.

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