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BMX Complete Race Bike Wheels Wheelsets

Dan's Comp has a large section of complete BMX wheel sets in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you're on a tight budget or upgrading your bike to the pro level, complete wheels are a great way to improve the performance of your bike for less money than custom-built wheels. We're often asked, what's the best upgrade for an entry level BMX Race Bike and wheels are often the answer. A new wheel set with sealed bearings can be the best upgrade for your rider progressing with their complete bike vs a custom build. New wheels with sealed bearings and cassette drivers spin freely with less drag and resistance than most entry level wheel sets. Shop our favorites from some of the best value on the market in the Crupi Rythm or Answer Holeshots up to the Box Stealth wheels which integrate radial bearing technology that until 2019 was only in Stealth Hubs manufactured by True Precision. Stealth hubs offer instant engagement - a benefit for coming out of gates and turns with no delay. All in stock completes ship same day from one of our two warehouses to get you your new wheels faster than any other online shop.

BMX Race Complete Wheelsets

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