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BMX Racing Stems | Top & Front Load

Dan's Comp has been serving the BMX Race Community since the late '90s and still brings you the best brands today. Stem length is an important component and needs adjustment as you or your racer sizes up. The stem contributes to the reach of the rider and should be properly sized for snapping out of gates, pumping the rhythm section or carving the turns. A great first stem for younger riders is the Answer adjustable stem for 1" or 1 1/8" steer tubes. The Answer stem allows you to move simply move a spacer backward as your rider grows. This saves time and money as they move from Mini or Junior bikes into the Expert sizes. Be certain to choose the right size steer tube for your fork. Typically a 1" will take you through micro, mini, Junior and Expert with larger riders needing a 1 1/8" into the Pro sizes. Pay attention also to the 31.8mm Box stems, proprietary sizing for some Box Handlebars. 31.8mm will not fit other brands.

BMX Race Stems

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