How do I build my new BMX bike?

Complete Bike Assembly Instructions

How much assembly is needed before I can ride my bike?

Some parts will need to be installed and some minor adjustments will need to be made. Some of the parts that need to be installed are handlebars, pedals, front wheel, seat, seat post, and pegs (if included). The brakes will need to be adjusted properly along with seat angle, seat height, handlebar angle, and stem alignment. We strongly recommend that you take your new bike to an authorized bike mechanic for assembly.

What tools are needed for the final assembly of my complete bike?

Some of the tools needed for the final assembly of a complete bike are, but not limited to, metric Allen wrench set, 10mm wrench, 15mm wrench, ratchet, extension, metric set of deep well sockets, and screwdrivers. If you do not have access to these tools Dan's Comp offers a wide variety of tool kits to meet any assembly needs. Shop our tools selection.

How do I assemble a complete bike?

For detailed instructions on how to assemble your bike, click here.

Want to see the process in action? Check out our YouTube Video below.

What are the different parts of a complete bike?

Bmx part labels

Can I substitute parts on a complete bike?

Unfortunately not. All of our complete bikes are pre-packaged from the manufacturers.

Recommended Maintenance

Check out our Maintenance Tips that will keep you riding and save you money!

Serial Number Information

Please take the time to write down the SERIAL NUMBER located on your frame. If your bike is stolen, the serial number is the key piece of information that law enforcement will use when trying to recover your stuff.

Serial numbers can sometimes be extremely difficult to find. The numbers are placed in different locations depending on the manufacturer. Most serial numbers are located on the underside of the bottom bracket.

What BMX bike is best for me?

That depends on a few factors such as rider height, budget and ultimately what you like to do! Check out our Complete Bike Buyers Guide video to help determine what bike will best suit you and your riding style.