Meet The Dan's Comp Employees

At Dan's Comp, BMX isn't just a job—it's a way of life. Each member of our team has a deep-rooted passion for BMX that dates back to their formative years, and that enthusiasm hasn't dimmed one bit. Our eclectic crew represents every facet of BMX culture, from the trailblazing pioneers of "old school" freestyle to the rebellious spirits of "mid school" punk rockers, and the boundary-pushing innovators of "new school" park riding.

We're not just about reliving glory days; we're about embracing the present moment and spreading the joy of BMX. While some may see BMX as a competitive arena where riders vie for recognition, we see it as a community where the simple pleasure of riding and the camaraderie it fosters reign supreme. The Dan’s Comp crew is all about just having fun on your bike and helping others to do the same.

About Dan's Comp

Dan's Competition is the World's Largest Mail-Order, Online BMX e-Commerce site in the World. Founded by its name sake, Dan Duckworth, Dan's Comp has brought BMX Bikes, Parts, Clothing and Accessories to the BMX community since 1986 and has been delivering it by High Speed Internet Mail Order since 1997. In the last two decades Dan's Comp has gone through changes, navigating the BMX industry ups and downs, trends, and changes in e-Commerce, but continues to serve riders and racers around the world with the same passion and authenticity as it has from day one. We intend to serve our customers better than anyone else and continue to invest in our technology, warehousing, assortment and our people to ensure we deliver the best brands and the best experience.

Today Dan's operates as a part of AMain Sports & Hobbies, an omni-channel retailer dedicated to serving the cycling and radio control hobby industries through well known retail stores, racing facilities and online properties including AMain Hobbies, Performance Bicycle, and Nashbar. AMain serves customers around the world from two 50,000 square foot locations in California and North Carolina. We employ a passionate and caring staff who understand that we are here for you. Our customers trust is considered our most important asset and we're thrilled to have earned yours.