How To Jump a BMX bike (Including MTB and DJ BIkes)

Jumping is an essential part of BMX that every rider should learn whether you ride street, trails, park or race. Because no matter the discipline, at some point your wheels will leave the ground and you need to make sure you have proper technique.

BMX Bike Buyers Guide

Shopping for a BMX bike may seem like a daunting task, but with a little help you’ll soon find that not only is it relatively easy, it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of BMX riding. In this article we cover the basics of choosing your next bike based on several different factors including height, specs, and most importantly, what type of riding you want to do! From freestyle bikes, to race bikes and cruisers, we touch on it all.

Best Entry Level Bikes: What to look for

Finding that perfect entry level bike can be difficult. Luckily, you don't have to spend a ton of money for something that's designed for real BMX use. The Verde Cadet represents exactly what you want in any beginner to mid level BMX bike. In this video we show you what a bike like the Cadet can really do, and why a department store bike just isn't up to snuff.

Planetary Freecoasters: The Future of Freecoasters?

Planetary freecoaster wheels like the BSD Revolution, Colony Swarm and Alienation Venus have become increasingly popular as of late. But will this all-new design take over the freecoaster market? We'll let you be the judge as we review the pros and cons of the planetary freecoaster system. These hubs could likely be the future of BMX freecoasters.

Skatepark Etiquette

We've all been there. You're out riding the local park and one of THESE characters show up and ruin it for everyone. Don't get discouraged. Sometimes people are unaware of proper skatepark etiquette and it's our job to teach them these unwritten rules.

How To Turndown

A true BMX classic! The Turndown remains one of the most popular and stylish tricks to date and has become a mainstay in the BMX community. Every rider has their own unique style, and the Turndown really highlights those individual characteristics.

Joe Battaglia: Welcome to Dan's Comp Pro Team

Joey "Shredder" Battaglia has been on an absolute tear lately! It was only right that we add him in the Dan's Comp Pro team. From stylish turndowns to giant fufanus and hurricanes, Joey does it all and does it all well. Welcome to the Dan's Comp family!

BMX Frame Geometry

BMX frame geometry can seem rather complicated at first glance. With all the various sizes and angles listed, how do these changes in geometry affect your riding? We break down toptube length, headtube angle, bottom bracket height, and everything in-between, to help you choose that perfect frame based on your riding style.

Best BMX Bike Upgrades

What are the best upgrades for your BMX bike? This is an important and common question we get from both new and seasoned riders. These parts can vary slightly from rider to rider and bike to bike, but we break down our top choices in order of importance. These changes can be essential to how your bike functions and performs.

How To Manual A Bike

Manuals are one of those fundamental BMX tricks that every rider should try to learn. Not only are manuals extremely fun, but they open up a ton of other trick possibilities. We break down proper manual technique including the proper way to pull up, balance and turn. These tips and techniques are not regulated to just BMX. The same principles can be applied to cruisers, dirt jump bikes, mountain bikes, Bike Life bikes and so on.

S&M Rail Slide Pipe Review

The crew over at S&M Bikes has overhauled and relaunched their portable grind rail lineup. The S&M Slide Pipe V2 is available in both fixed height or adjustable, and built to handle some heavy grind sessions. Could the Slide Pipe be the best portable grind rail? Mike gives you his overall impressions with the help of some friends.

Top 5 Parts That Changed BMX Forever

New parts in BMX come and go, fads change and technology changes, but some things are here to stay. Long time Dan's Comp employee/rider, Mike, gives you his Top 5 game changing BMX parts.
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