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Dan's Comp Team Riders

Meet the Dan's Comp team riders! Get to know our Pro and Flow team riders and see them shred!

Meet The Dan's Comp Employees

Discover the heart of Dan's Comp—a team fueled by unwavering BMX passion. From old-school pioneers to new-school innovators, our crew embodies the diverse spirit of BMX culture. Join us as we dive into the world where work and play seamlessly intertwine.

Tech Help

All of the technical details you can think of regarding BMX bikes. Dan's Comp has blog posts with details on how to install parts, make adjustments, how products work, and so much more.

BMX Trick How To's

We break down tricks and explain the how to learn each one step by step. Learn the details of each trick, where to learn them, and some pro tips on how to get them dialed. From simple skills such as jumping and manuals, to advance tricks like tailwhips, 360s and wallrides, Dan's Comp has these skills dissected to help you learn how to do them properly.

BMX Bike Buyers Guide

Shopping for a BMX bike may seem like a daunting task, but with a little help you’ll soon find that not only is it relatively easy, it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of BMX riding. In this article we cover the basics of choosing your next bike based on several different factors including height, specs, and most importantly, what type of riding you want to do! From freestyle bikes, to race bikes and cruisers, we touch on it all.

Best Entry Level Bikes: What to look for

Finding that perfect entry level bike can be difficult. Luckily, you don't have to spend a ton of money for something that's designed for real BMX use. The Verde Cadet represents exactly what you want in any beginner to mid level BMX bike. In this video we show you what a bike like the Cadet can really do, and why a department store bike just isn't up to snuff.

Best BMX Bike Upgrades

What are the best upgrades for your BMX bike? This is an important and common question we get from both new and seasoned riders. These parts can vary slightly from rider to rider and bike to bike, but we break down our top choices in order of importance. These changes can be essential to how your bike functions and performs.

How do I build my new BMX bike?

Learn what all is needed to build your brand new bike up yourself! With a few simple hand tools and basic mechanical knowledge, you can build your new BMX right at home or even at the skatepark. From freestyle bikes to race bikes, this video will guide you through the process.

How To Jump a BMX bike (Including MTB and DJ BIkes)

Jumping is an essential part of BMX that every rider should learn whether you ride street, trails, park or race. Because no matter the discipline, at some point your wheels will leave the ground and you need to make sure you have proper technique.

BMX Frame Geometry

BMX frame geometry can seem rather complicated at first glance. With all the various sizes and angles listed, how do these changes in geometry affect your riding? We break down toptube length, headtube angle, bottom bracket height, and everything in-between, to help you choose that perfect frame based on your riding style.

BMX Frame FAQ's

Upgrading the frame of your BMX bike is the biggest change you can make. This is a big deal because it is one of the more pricey upgrades, but also because there is so much that goes in to the decision. Frame geometry, material, sizing, compatible parts, and so on. Here, we take a deep dive on why upgrading to an aftermarket frame is a good decision and what all goes in to making that decision.

Gyro? Detangler?

Detanglers, also known as a gyro, allow you to spin your handlebars around without your brake cables getting wrapped up. Gyros can be very overwhelming and complicated to install and get working properly. Here, we discuss how to install your gyro kit and get your brakes working top-notch!
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