BMX Grip Install: How To

Grip Installation Instructions

What is the difference between a pro grip and a mini grip?

Most grips are considered to be a pro size grip. Mini grips are smaller grips designed for smaller hands.

How do I install my grips?

Using Grip Glue:

First, clean and dry one end of the handlebars. Apply a liberal amount of grip glue to the surface of the bars and inside the grip. Slide the grip onto the bars immediately. Be sure to wipe off any extra grip glue on the bars or grip. While the grip glue is still wet, twist the grip until it is completely straight. Repeat the process for the other side. You will need to allow the grip glue to dry 6 to 8 hours or overnight before riding.

Not using Grip Glue:

First, make sure the handlebars are clean and dry. There a few household items that will make grips stick to the handlebars such as window cleaner, WD40, hairspray and more. Twist the grips until they are straight. When using these items, make sure you allow plenty of time for the grips to stick before riding.

How do I Remove my Grips?

When removing grips that have not been put on with grip glue, pull the flanged end of the grip up and pour a little water under the grip. Work the grip in a twisting motion until the grip comes loose and slides off the bar. Remember when reinstalling the grips they have to be completely dry of water.

If the grips were put on with grip glue they will probably have to be cut off.