Shipping Restrictions

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Lithium Batteries or Devices with Lithium Batteries

All Shipments: Special labeling requirements are needed for transportation, to safely transport your Lithium products. Certain large lithium batteries always require HazMat handling and shipping via UPS. If you would like to know more about UPS and the precaution taken when transporting lithium batteries, please refer to the UPS guidelines.

International Shipments: Due to Lithium Batteries being regulated as HAZMAT (Hazardous Material) products, these batteries can be dangerous if not properly packaged for transportation. In small quantities, Lithium batteries can ship via UPS without a HAZMAT fee being applied. If you would like to ship more than 2 Lithium Batteries, a HAZMAT fee will be applied for transportation. Please note that UPS only allows transportation of HAZMAT / Dangerous Goods to specific countries, some of which have limited service areas.

The US Postal Service prohibits international mailing of lithium batteries and electronic devices containing lithium batteries. The new regulations also prohibit shipments to or from Army, Fleet and Diplomatic Post Offices. Due to this regulation, no US Postal Service shipping options will be available during checkout.

Domestic Shipments: Both UPS and the US Postal Service are available shipping carriers to transport most lithium batteries and electronic devices containing lithium batteries. The US Postal Service has a limit of three batteries per shipment; refer to the Domestic Mail Manual for more information.

Ground-Only Items

Some of the products that Dan's Comp carries must be transported under ORM-D (Other Regulated Materials for Domestic transport). Shipping under ORM-D will subject the product to ship by UPS Ground, and cannot be shipped outside of the US. Such products include:

  • Oil
  • Non-Water Based Paint and Paint Thinner
  • Aerosol Type Products
  • Traction Compounds
  • Glue / Adhesive / Accelerators / Debonder / Putty

The US Postal Service does not transport ORM-D items, and will not show up as a delivery option during checkout.

Country Restrictions


We do not ship packages to Aruba via UPS, as there have been problems with customs refusing standard commercial invoices.


Due to Tax ID requirements, we are unable to ship any orders/packages to Brazil.


We do not ship orders over $150 to China via UPS, as they do not get through customs.


We do not ship packages to Mexico via UPS, as there have been too many problems with customs refusing products made in China.


Packages shipping to Russia cannot ship via UPS, as UPS has suspended shipments sent to private individuals due to issues with customs.

PayPal Addresses

Due to limitations of our shipping carriers, we cannot ship to addresses that contain non-Latin characters.  Unfortunately, in certain countries PayPal does not allow you to input your own address details; for example, it is impossible to specify a shipping address of Istanbul, Turkey.  In this situation, you will have to use another payment method.