Tioga Fastr-X BMX Tire (Black) (20" / 406 ISO) (1.85") (Wire Bead)

A highly versatile front and rear race tire option that strikes a balance between speed and control with Tioga's GripPod technology and Nano Knob tread design. 


  • Low profile race tire with ultra-smooth centerline and pressure sensitive side tread that increases corner traction when pushed to the limits
  • Special chemical surface etching applied to center tread creates fine surface texture that enhance traction on wider variety of track surfaces
  • Nano knobs in varying angles, shapes, and sizes strategically integrated within the outer tread zones provide additional traction on track surfaces with loose fine grains
  • Minimal rolling resistance without negatively affecting corner grip

Bead: Wire
Weight: 12 oz (20 x 1.75")
TPI: 60tpi
Color: Black 

This product was added to our catalog on July 26, 2021