The Shadow Conspiracy Strada Nuova LP Tire (Simone Barraco) (Iroquois)

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Discontinued Online
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The Shadow Conspiracy Strada Nuova LP (Low Pressure) tire is a revised version of Simone Barraco's signature tire purpose built for riders like Simone who prefer to ride with a low tire pressure. A low tire pressure offers more cushion during big drops, but at the expense of damaging the tire. The Strada Nuova LP features a low pressure specific casing to increase structural support, a thicker tread for flat tire resistance and the same micro knurled, low profile tread pattern found on the original Strada Nuova for grip.

20 x 2.30" 
Inflated Width: 2.28" (58mm) 
Inflated Diameter: 20.74" (527mm) 
Max Pressure: 60 psi 
Weight: 25 oz