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Complete Bike Assembly Instructions

How much assembly is needed before I can ride my bike?

Some parts will need to be installed and some minor adjustments will need to be made. Some of the parts that need to be installed are handlebars, pedals, front wheel, seat, seat post and pegs (if included). The brakes will need to be adjusted properly along with seat angle, seat height, handle bar angle and stem alignment. We strongly recommend that you take you new bike to an authorized bike mechanic for assembly!

What tools are needed for the final assembly of my complete bike?

Some of the tools needed for the final assembly of a complete bike are but not limited to metric allen wrench set, 10mm wrench, 15mm wrench, ratchet, extension, metric set of deep well sockets, and screw drivers. If you do not have access to these tools Dan's Competition offers a wide variety of tool kits to meet any assembly needs.

How do I assemble a complete bike?

For detailed instructions on how to assemble your bike, click here.

What are the different parts of a complete bike?

Can I substitute parts on a complete bike?

Unfortunately not. All of our complete bikes are pre-packaged from the manufacturers.