Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle)

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Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle)
Price: $169.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

The Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set is perfect for vintage bike restorations, or anyone trying to relive their glory days. Sealed precision bearings, 3/8" axles and a freewheel driver compatible rear hub finish off these classic mags that will make it easy to take a step back in time. 


  • Built to accommodate pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires
  • Sealed Precision Bearings
  • Fits all modern and old school bikes with 3/8" dropouts
  • Any 20" x 1.75" tire or wider will fit
  • Freewheel compatible (16T or larger)

Rear Axle: 3/8"
Front Axle: 3/8" 
Driver: Freewheel Compatible (Freewheel Not Included!)
Spokes: 5 

This product was added to our catalog on May 12, 2020

Paul Villanueva
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jul 12 2022 (about a year ago)
Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle) (20 x 1.75)
couldn't be more disappointed.. where do i begin?
1st off, the thread on the hub for a freewheel isn't the correct pitch. i bought a box two ($100) 16T freewheel and it wouldn't thread.. i've never not been able to thread a freewheel to a mag by hand. i tried an old freewheel and SAME problem - so i know it's the threading on the wheel itself. i basically cross-threaded the skyway hub ALL the way down, using an impact gun and stopping periodically to remove filings. i dont understand why the threading was off, seeing as all BMX hubs are ISO standardized? trust me guys, i went to 3 bike shops after attempting to HAND THREAD over + over and they ALL said the machining on the hub is "incorrect"
since these are back ordered (like everything else on Dan's Comp) - i took my chances and let the chromoly freewheel eat its way down the aluminum hub. LUCKILY, it ate *perfectly straight and butted against the hub flush *phew. it is now on there for LIFE.
NEXT, i installed the tube+tire and mounted the wheel only to find, AGAIN, the pitch on the AXLE is now incorrect! the pegs original to my 1986 mongoose FS-1 will not thread onto these new skyway mags.. and the pegs are color-matched purple SKYWAY USA 'axle extenders' from 1986!! so now i KNOW the machining is totally not the same as original!
want more? once i mounted the rear wheel and spun it to hear my new cross-threaded $100 box two freewheel make buzzy sounds, i'd noticed the 'sealed bearing' opposite the freewheel was pushed in on one spot and weeping oil! DUDE, wtf?
OH, and the last thing was, upon test riding my FS-1, the hubs were LOOSE; there was a wiggle side-to-side and clatter when landing from bunny hopping, so i had to take the wheels off again to wrench them tight..

if my original 6 spoke skyways from 1986 weren't so 'yellowed' i'd of put them back on - these repro's absolutely SUCK and everything was wrong with them! what should've been an easy freewheel install by hand turned into a cross-threading nightmare that was only worsened by poor build quality/components ('sealed bearings') and poor quality control (loose hubs) and improper machining so nothing lined up. i can't even run my OE SKYWAY pegs on new skyway repro mags? what?

i've little faith Dan's Comp wouldn't blame me for cross-threading a wheel that wasn't the ISO standard threading to begin with, so i just went for it. i hate that it isn't perfect, but it's stuck on there forever now. we'll see how long that (already leaking) rear 'sealed bearing' lasts lol. $350 between the wheels + freewheel on a $1200 bike... what do i do?
Jason Abplanalp
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 25 2022 (about a year ago)
Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle) (20 x 1.75)
Just like the old ones???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Rick Aceves
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 3 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle) (20 x 1.75)
Great rims! These white skyways wheels are awesome! They will make any bike look very cool!
Brandon Lent
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 16 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle) (20 x 1.75)
Hella Happy. Satisfied satisfied satisfied satisfied satisfied satisfied overly satisfied !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Cliff Ray
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 9 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Skyway Tuff Wheel II 20" Wheel Set (White) (3/8" Axle) (20 x 1.75)
Great wheel quality and worked perfectly on my 1986 Mongoose FS-1.