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Confused by the different types of
HEADSETS available?

Here's a guide to help!

The industry standard for years, a conventional headset has 2 bearing cups that must be pressed into the headtube of the frame. If a press isn't available, a hammer and block of wood is a more primitive way of installing the cups. While still functional, very few new frames use this style of headset due to the difficulty of installation and removal of the cups.

Integrated headsets don't require a cup. Instead, the headtube of the frame is machined with the proper taper and the bearing sits directly in the frame, creating a clean, flush look. Installation is as easy as placing the bearings in the headtube. No special tools or hammers needed - perfect for the home mechanic. Almost every new chromoly frame uses an integrated headset.

An Internal headset is similar in look to an Integrated, but it requires a thin aluminum cup to be pressed into the frame. The cups are easier to install than a standard headset and sit flush with the headtube. Internal headsets are generally used on aluminum race frames that aren't designed to deal with the extra stress of Integrated.

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