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Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 1010
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 100100
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 2020
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 2525
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 250250
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 5050
  • Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card 500500

Dans Comp Electronic Gift Card

  • Brand: DANS
  • Product: #89503E

Price : $10.00 - $500.00

Available Options

A detailed account of What to expect when purchasing an Electronic Gift Card can be reviewed at Electronic Gift Card Purchasing You will find Instruction along with illustration.


E-mail for Electronic Gift Cards purchased after business hours will not be sent until the next morning. Electronic Gift Cards purchased during a weekend will not send until Monday.

To purchase an Electronic Gift Card simply select the amount you would like to send someone. When you Add to Cart a display will appear where you will Enter and Confirm the Recipients email address you want to send to, along with the name of Sender. Click Save. Then View Cart to Checkout. After checkout, once the order has been invoiced we will take this information and send an email to the email address you provided as the recipient.

Delivery of the Electronic Gift Card can vary. If there are no payment issues, the email address provider does not delay the delivery and we are not encountering some level of technical issues the email could send in as little as 1 hour. Or several hours if we encounter issues with payment, delivery to your email address or technical problems. 1-2 days is even possible if we cannot reach you regarding payment issues.. We recommend that you monitor your SPAM/JUNK folder to ensure that your Electronic Gift Certificate is not delivered there.GMAIL FREQUENTLY delivers these Electronic Gift Certificate emails into the PROMOTIONS folder

The email received by the Recipient will display the Card Number and Amount Gifted by you. The Card number can be used online, by phone or in our retail stores for redemption.

If you ordered multiple Electronic Gift Card amounts, an email will be sent for each Amount and contain UNIQUE Card numbers to the recipient. If different recipients, the email address you provided on each amount will be delivered to that particular email address.

Once you have submitted an order for an Electronic Gift Card you will receive a Order confirmation email to the address provided by the Purchaser along with an Order Reference Number.

Still have Questions? Electronic Gift Card FAQ You will find answers to common E-Gift Card Questions.

Gift Certificates are Non-Refundable.