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Shimano XC-90 SPD Clipless Shoes
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  • SHIMANO Clipless BMX Shoes Shimano XC-90 SPD Clipless Shoes

Shimano XC-90 SPD Clipless Shoes

SHIMANO Clipless BMX Shoes
  • Brand: SHIMANO
  • Product: #727065

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Whether you are a racer or any sort of outside rider, you will gain an edge from Shimano's XC90L or XC90B BMX shoes. Designed to meet the specific demands of any clip in, off-road riding. The XC-90 employs the Dynalast technology to reduce braking loss and enhance pedaling efficiency. Shimano optimized the sole stiffness and gave it a 1.7mm lower profile (compared to the earlier M315 model) so that your leg drive transfer more directly to the pedal. Also, the spikes and blocks on the outsoles are arranged in an optimal dirt-shedding pattern to maximize performance. The result is a dedicated XC shoe that lets you unleash your power to the fullest.

  • Heat moldable Custom-fit Technology
  • Rovenica ultra-fine fiber synthetic leather
  • Supple, lightweight, comfortable with excellent elasticity
  • Superior durability and high abrasion resistance
  • Low-profile micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot with reduction impact
  • Cross X Strap is optimized for relieving tension on top of foot during push off motion
  • Anti-slip heel material prevents heel lift
  • Custom-Fit insole, heat moldable insole with adaptable arch wedge provides custom natural foot support
  • Shimano Dynalast provides a precise fit and improves pedaling efficiency
  • Ultra-stiff carbon fiber midsole shank and outsole plate
  • Mud-shedding polyurethane lugs and metal toe spikes for increased traction in extreme track conditions
  • Lower stack height provides superior energy transfer and lower center of gravity
  • When tightening the straps, snug them up, but do not over-tighten, as it may result in breaking the strap or buckle. Breakage due to over-tightening is not covered under warranty.

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