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Alienation Vandal TCS Rim
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Alienation Vandal TCS Rim

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The Alienation Vandal TCS rim is their intro into the XL rim category at 37mm wide. It’s hands down the lightest rim in the XL category, made possible by using Alienation's G69 material; of which, is super light with superior strength compared to 6061T6. The Vandal uses the most advanced drilling pattern of any bicycle rim on the market today. Alienation's new 4D less chamfering drilling process creates the optimal interface between flange and rim. This exact angle reduces binding and the need for eyelets. NO RADIAL LACING. These rims are designed and drilled for 3 cross specifically. As an added bonus, the Vandal features a new coating to improve braking to nearly as good as chrome less the added weight and negative environmental impact.

TCS stands for Tubeless Compatible System, and Alienation is the first to bring this technology to BMX. It's perfectly fine to run a normal 2.2" or larger tire and tube on the Vandal rim, but here are the advantages or running tubeless:
Less weight – A tube might not seem very heavy, but rotating weight that far out on the wheel is noticeable. So no tube along with Alienation’s lightweight casing has a significant effect on the feel of the bike.
Less flat tires – With sealant constantly flowing inside the tire, small punctures are quickly sealed. There is also no worry of pinch flats.
Lower tire pressure – Although the Alienation 138 tire is rated at 85 psi max pressure, it’s possible to run much lower pressures without any worry of pinch flats. Lower pressure can give you better traction, control and smoother ride by allowing the tire to conform more to the terrain or obstacle.

To run the Vandal rim tubeless, it is strongly recommended that you only use it with a TCS compatible tire. Alienation’s proprietary TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) bead ensures a perfect fit that can be inflated and seated with a simple hand pump. You’ll also need TCS compatible rim tape, valve stem and sealant. These items can be purchased separately or in a convenient Tubeless Start-Up Kit.

Bead Diameter: 406mm
Height: 21mm
Width: 37mm
Seam: Welded
Weight: 15.2 oz

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