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We carry both Cogs and Freewheels for your BMX Race Bike. Understanding what you need and the difference between Cogs vs Freewheels is the first place to start. A Cog is a machined or stamped gear with teeth, made from Steel, Chromoly or lightweight Aluminum. A Cog slides onto a rear cassette and is spaced to align the chain with the front chainring. A Freewheel is a one piece gear with bearings installed that allow a rider to backpedal or coast. Most entry level wheels and BMX bikes come with an installed Freewheel, whereas higher end and custom built BMX bikes are fitted with a Cassette. Cassettes however, still may come with higher end bearings and titanium race to save weight and resistance. Be certain to understand your rollout and how a tooth count change on the rear impacts that calculation. In general, an increase to the gearing in the rear (Cog or Freewheel) means a decrease in your rollout and easier pedaling, but lower top speeds. A decrease to your Cog or Freewheel tooth count with give a rider higher top speeds, but less snap out of the gate. Making only a rear adjustment without also changing the chainring will present noticeable and potentially too drastic of a change to your rollout so a rear adjustment is generally paired with a chainring adjustment at the same time.

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