Boston Jam Video & Photos

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The BMX scene is alive and well in the Northeast! Dan's Comp put on a jam at the incredible The Edge Indoor Skatepark and brought out a bunch of our team riders to have fun and shred with the super rad locals there in the Boston area. Dan's pro riders Matt Ray and Joe Battaglia were both there throwing down some hammers.

The jam started off with a Subrosa rail jam that got heavy! A flat rail session went off before we set the rail up on a bank to wall set up. This went off and got more bangers than we imagined! 

The Merritt High Air contest was next and riders were going to the moon on just a 5 (or 6?) foot quarter. We then moved things over to the mini ramp that includes a spine and street spine option were riders were getting both super tech and wild and sendy. 

We had YouTube extraordinaire Brant Moore on the scene to capture all the action. Check out his videos below to see all the madness that went down.

Full video:


Check out a few photos below from the event!

We loved getting a bunch of the Dan's Comp team riders and some of our employees together! Such a treat getting to shred together, topped off by a nice family dinner at a local pizza shack.

From left to right; Mike Lee (employee), Patrick Voss, Austin Zentmyer (employee), Joce, Lilly Voss, Derek Embry (employee), Zack Miller (his eyes were closed in every picture we took), Kevin Robinson Jr., Brighton Irons (employee), Joe Battaglia. 

Dan's Comp team and employees at the Boston Jam

Legendary Matt Ray with a casual (for him) up rail to bar spin.

Matt Ray with an uprail to bar spin.

Flow team rider Zack Miller with an insane superman seat grab over the street spine. This move with this extension on that small of a spine is pretty wild.

Zack Miller with a superman seat grab over the street spine.

Dan's syndicate rider Joce brings such a positive vibe! She spent the day ripping both bowls and getting comfortable on the bike again fresh off an injury.

Dan's syndicate rider Joce flowing around the bowl.

Colton Civitello with a flair on a mellow quarter. Zack Miller's eyes were actually open in this photo...but he wasn't in the right spot. At least he's good on a bike!

Flair mid team photo.