BMX Crank: Installation Instructions & FAQ

How do I install my cranks?

To see detailed instructions of the crank installations, click on a link below.

2-Piece Cranks

3-Piece Cranks w/ American Bottom Bracket

3-Piece Cranks w/ European Bottom Bracket

3-Piece Cranks w/ Spanish Bottom Bracket

How do I know if I have a one-piece or a three-piece crank?

Just as the name implies, a one-piece crank consists of a single cast or forged piece of steel that comprises both the crank arms and spindle. Three-piece cranks consist of two individual crank arms and a spindle and are made from a variety of different materials. Three-piece cranks generally are stronger than one-piece cranks.

What are the different crank lengths and how do I determine what length I need?

Cranks come in a variety of different lengths ranging from 135mm up to 190mm. In general, the taller you are the longer the crank arm you may need to use. The two most common crank lengths are 175mm and 180mm. To see what size crank you need Click Here.

What size pedals do I need for my cranks?

All one-piece cranks use 1/2" pedals. All two-piece and three-piece cranks use 9/16" pedals.

How do I determine what style bottom bracket my cranks have?

Bottom brackets are available in four different styles. These are European, Spanish, Mid, and American. To see the different styles of bottom brackets, Click Here.