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What to Know About Purchasing A Electronic Gift Certificate

Dan's Comp Electronic Gift Certificate

Dan's Comp offers a Quick and Easy way for you to purchase Gift Certificates and not have to wait for them to arrive by Mail.

What you should know about Purchasing and Using an Electronic Gift Certificate from Dan's Comp.

1. Electronic Gift Certificates are sent by Email to an Email address you provide (Recepient Email) when you select the Electronic Gift Certificate (e-GC) and Add to Cart. Item Number 89503E.

2. You may purchase multiple Electronic Gift Certificates. They can be the Same or Different Amounts. Purchase Two $10 Gift Certificates or a $20 and a $50 and send them to different Email Recepients.

3. A display will appear for you to provide an Email Address for each Electronic Gift Certificate as they are ADDed to Cart.

If you Add a Electronic Gift Certificate directly to cart you will be prompted to enter the email address to send to as illustrated in the next TWO images.


4. You will provide a SENDER (From) Name for each Electronic Gift Certificate Purchased.


5. If you CLICK through to a Product Page of a Electronic Gift Certificate Item Number where you select a DOLLAR amount from a Drop down selection and add to Cart, you will provide the email address to send to in the Shopping Cart. The following image is what you will see.



6. If you change Qty from 1 to 2 or 1 to 4 in the shopping cart you will see what is displayed below. If for some reason the information you entered is not retained or lost due to poor internet connection with our site, while checking out you will see "OOPS, We have no delivery information...." in the Red shaded area.. Like the image shown below, if the information is missing, Click the Edit icon to Add the required information.


7. For some reason you decide to use a different email address for your recipient you can make this edit within the Shopping Cart as illustrated below in the Green shaded area. Click the edit icon and this will display the fields for you to edit the Recipients Email address and who it is being sent from (Sender).



8. If you have purchased Qty 2 - $20 Electronic Gift Certificates the Recipient will be sent TWO Emails from Dan's Comp, each containing unique Gift Certificate Numbers for redemption. If you need to purchase 4 for different people, purchase all 4 on the same order. An email and unique Gift Certificate Number will be sent to each Recipient.

You may change the Qty of the Electronic Gift Certificate in the Shopping Cart. When you do this generates a display for each Certificate as seen below where you will be asked to provide information for EACH Gift Certificate; Recipient and Sender. This is another area where you can edit or provide multiple Email Addresses to send the Electronic Gift Certificates.



9. Dan's Comp takes this information, along with the Gift Amount(s) and sends an Electronic Gift Certificate to the recepient's email address on your behalf. A sample is shown below.



10. Once you submit your order for purchasing the Electronic Gift Certificates the following happens;


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Electronic Gift Certificates.

1. How long will it take for the email to arrive? Because of dependency on your form of payment processing error free, it could vary. If no problems are encountered, the email could be sent in as little as 30 minutes or as much as a few hours. If placed on a weekend, the Electronic Gift Certificate would not be Emailed until Monday. As noted above, your order has to Invoice before a Certificate number can be assigned.

2. How can the Gift Certificate be redeemed? It can be redeemed online during checkout or by calling 888-888-3267 to place an order and provide the Gift Certifciate Number as a form of Payment.

3. What happens if the Email Never Arrives? You should first check Spam or Junk mail folders for an email from If you do not find it there, please call 888-888-3267 and press option 3 for Customer Service. You may also send us an Email through our Contact Form and choose Gift Certificate as the Subject Line.

4. Can you send an email again that was not received?. Yes, we can resent the Emails if Needed.

5. Can I send it to myself and forward it? Yes. The email will be sent to the email address provided as the recipeint.


To purchase Gift Certificates or Electronic Gift Certificates you may do so at the following link.. Purchase Gift Certificates.

Thank you for choosing Dan's Comp for your BMX Needs.

We appreciate your business!