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Can I have some free stickers?

We put a free sticker in each box we send out to our customers. We can't send you free stickers just for kicks, or we will have tons of kids calling for free stickers.

I am buying lots of stuff, can I have a discount?

We have several sales every year where you can get discounts on our merchandise. Other than these, we do not offer discounts to individuals or groups.

Will you donate any products to my fundraiser?

We get requests for fundraiser donations every day. Anything from trying to raise money, to building new libraries, to getting new computers for school. We are sorry, but out of fairness we can't donate any product to you or we would have to donate to everyone.

How can I get a pro’s address/phone number/signature?

We get letters from kids every day asking for pro's phone numbers etc. In the best interest of the rider we can't provide you with any of that information or we would have to give it to every kid (and the rider wouldn't appreciate it). Sorry.

Can I send you some pictures of me riding?

Sure!  All you need to do is attach your photo to an email and be sure to include your name, city and state. Send the email to [email protected].  Check out our current selection by clicking here.

How can I link to the DansComp site?

Click here to learn more about how to link to our website…it’s as easy as a powerslide in gravel!!