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KHE Astern/ACB Freecoaster Bearings
  • KHE Astern/ACB Freecoaster Bearings 6202 (Non Drive Hub Shell) 6202 (Non Drive Hub Shell)

KHE Astern/ACB Freecoaster Bearings

KHE BMX Hub Accessories
  • Brand: KHE
  • Product: #437061

Price : $4.95

Available Options

6802-14 / 7802-14 Driver bearing with special 14mm inner race. Only works with the newer style axles using a 14mm bearing surface. Note: The 6802/14mm bearing and the 7802/14mm bearing are the same bearing.
7905: Drive side hub shell bearing with angular contact bearing races that are more resistant to side loads. Will fit older style hubs that use 6905 bearings.
6202: Non-drive side hub shell bearing. Fits old and new style hubs.
Nylon Bushing: Nylon bushing that goes in the driver behind the bearings for added support.