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Dans Making A Difference Africa Pope TShirt
Product #701611
DANS DansComp BMX TShirts Dans Making A Difference Africa Pope TShirt
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DANS DansComp BMX TShirts Dans Making A Difference Africa Pope TShirt

Details and Specs:

Dans Making A Difference Africa Pope TShirt

Buy a T-shirt and help Make a Difference.!

The Dan's Comp Africa T-shirt is a collaborated design between Weston Pope and Dan's Comp to help support Weston Pope's trip to Uganda and Kenya. 100% of the sale goes directly to the organization that Weston Pope has partnered with. Below are the full detals in Weston's own words.

Fellow BMXers-

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Weston Pope and I have been racing for about 18 years now. I have been riding on the Dan's Comp race team for almost 7 years and have been doing the pro circuit for a few years now. But this summer is going to be a bit different for me to say the least. Instead of loading up the bike to hit the next national, I am loading up my bike and heading to Uganda and Kenya for the summer to meet up with my wife who is already there.

Who: My wife and I have partnered up with a non-profit from Memphis, TN called Be Free Revolution (BFR)This organization is all about helping the people in their community to better use their community and personal resources to become more self-sustainable. I am talking education programs, mentoring and counseling, and specific job training to accomplish this.

What: We are going to be doing a lot of cool things over there. One thing I am pretty pumped about is taking my bike and some tools to demonstrate basic bike maintenance course (and maybe a few tricks). You see, when their bike breaks down, it is a pretty big deal, because riding and walking are some of the main sources of transportation in the village. Also, my wife has her master's in Human Development and Counseling and I am half-way through with my master's in the same field. We will be working daily at a children's home and be interacting with the children who have been orphaned, abused, and/or who are ill.

The guys at Dan's Comp have decided they wanted to play a huge part in this cause. So we brainstormed some ways of what this could look like. It began when I sent Rayn a design of a t-shirt I came up with. He let me know that he liked the idea, but that I should stick to riding and not become a professional designer. He then shot the shirt over to his creative team and they came up with the current design. I am more than stoked with how it turned out.

The coolest thing about all of this is that they have decided to give 100% of the sales to this cause. They are not taking out any cuts to cover their costs! Insane. So the idea is that this shirt is not really about me. It's about how we all can make a difference by joining up to do something sweet together. We will be blogging about our experience.

Shred on,
Weston Pope

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