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Fit FAF Nightvision Tire
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  • FIT BMX Freestyle Tires Fit FAF Nightvision Tire

Fit FAF Nightvision Tire

FIT BMX Freestyle Tires
  • Brand: FIT
  • Product: #444222

Price : $26.95

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The Fit FAF Nightvision tire features micro knurled directional tread pattern that offers increased grip with low rolling resistance, a tear resistant silkworm casing for maximum durability, and Fit's "Nightvision" reflective sidewalls that not only look good, but help increase your visibility during those late night sessions.

Note: The 20x2.25" tire has a slightly more aggressive tread pattern than the 20x2.30" tire. Because of this, the 2.25" tire has a slightly larger inflated width. The 2.30" tire has a larger casing, but lower profile tread pattern. The 2.25" tire is the only size with this aggressive tread pattern. All other sizes use the lower profile tread.

20 x 2.25"
Inflated Width: 2.36" (60mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.66" (525mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 24.6 oz

20 x 2.30"
Inflated Width: 2.2" (56mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.5" (520mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 25.5 oz

20 x 2.40"
Inflated Width: 2.44" (62mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.9" (530mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 25.6 oz

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