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Titanium 14G Spoke

Titanium 14G Spoke

 BMX Spokes
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  • Product: #435935

Price : $2.00

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Please call 1-888-888-3267 to order!!

Titanum spokes save up to 1/2 lb of rotating weight. Sold individually - 1 spoke and 1 silver brass nipple.

Weight: 4.3 oz (36H/185mm) Without Nipples

Gray (Natural): $2.00ea
Blue, Gold, Purple & Purple Haze $2.35ea

NOTE: Due to varying spoke length for different hub/rim combinations, this item is not available for online purchasing.

Please call 1-888-888-DANS to order.

Note: To prevent seizing during installation, Anti-Seize is highly recommended. Place an ample amount on the threads before installation.