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Danscomp Manufacturers & Brands

100 Percent at danscomp.com100 Percent at Dans Comp

The 100% brand has always been synonymous within the dirt & extreme sports industry. 100% has been linked to many iconic moments in history dating back to the 1980's when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of some of the biggest events.

100 Percent 100 Goggles 100 lens 100 Percent googles 100 percent mirrored

43 Hardware at danscomp.com43 Hardware at Dans Comp

One of the first companies to focus on hardware for Bmx and the smallest parts of your Bmx bike, 43 Hardware makes the pieces to really add detail to your BMX Bike and Dan's Comp has 43 Hardware on sale.

43 Hardware 43 bmx 43 bmx parts

661 at danscomp.com661 at Dans Comp

661 safety gear brand has you covered top to bottom. 661 offers thought out, economically priced protective gear for the ultimate in safety, comfort and good looks.

661 safety gear 661 bmx 661 safety 661 protection

6D at danscomp.com6D BMX at Dans Comp

Bob Weber (Founder/CEO) is the epitome of an enthusiast. His motorcycle industry career began with one of his first jobs at a local dealer to earn money to support his racing. He went on to compete at the professional AMA level. As an innovator and owner of one utility patent already, Bob has worked intimately with helmet manufacturing companies and racers at all levels. He challenged himself to create a safer helmet. <p>Robert Reisinger (Founder/Director of Engineering started his racing career in the early 70’s and raced the AMA Nationals and Trans-Am events. Robert went directly from a top pro racer and Factory test rider to an engineering graduate where he stayed on as an instructor/lecturer for courses on CAD/CAM design, CNC fabrication/machine tool programming, robotic programming and tool design for work cell set-up. He holds multiple patents and has developed many innovative products such as upside-down suspension forks and disc brakes. This very unique blend of talents and experience made Robert the perfect choice to lead 6D’s development.

six d helmets 6 d 6D BMX 6 degrees of freedom

ACS at danscomp.comACS at Dans Comp

ACS has been a staple in BMX and their freewheels are a BMX industry standard.

ACS ACS freewheel freewheel ACS BMX

Adidas at danscomp.comAdidas at Dans Comp

Adidas provides a creative take on some of their most popular shoe models for the bmx market.

Adidas Adidas shoes Adidas bmx Adidas bmx shoe

ALIAS at danscomp.comALIAS BMX at Dans Comp

Born from a passion for racing, ALIAS strives to set a new standard in BMX products through innovation, function, quality, and design.

Alias BMX Alias Dans Comp Alias MX Alias jersey Alias race Alias pants

Alienation at danscomp.comAlienation at Dans Comp

With a serious focus on quality and attention to detail, Alienation keeps you rolling with great rims, tires and a nice selection of BMX parts.

Alienation Alienation BMX alienation bikes

Alius at danscomp.comAluis at Dans Comp

Alius makes parts for BMX racing, with wheels, hubs, forks and other crucial parts for your race bike.

Alius Alius bmx Alius racing

Almond at danscomp.comAlmond

Almond is a new BMX-specific shoe brand with a deep emphasis on features for riding and a fresh approach to colors and style. A tight offering of Almond shoes and apparel get this brand launched in a proper manner.

Altamont at danscomp.comAltamont at Danscomp

Altamont clothing and accessories is cut from a different cloth. It's unboring and inspired by bmx, music and art.

Altamont Altamont clothing altamont apparel altamont hoodies altamont clothes

AME at danscomp.comAME

AME has made BMX grips for over 30 years and they do it right. Old school, new school, doesn't matter, AME grips are a classic.

Animal  at danscomp.comAnimal

Animal is world famous for their bike parts and NYC street riding influence, with a stacked team of legends, as well as new blood representing the brand. It's only logical that Animal apparel is on point with streetwear fashion and performance function with t-shirts, jeans, shorts, Hoodies and other apparel accessories

Answer at danscomp.comAnswer Racing at Danscomp

Answer Racing was started in 1976 with a vision to provide hardcore enthusiasts with products they can trust. That goal exits today with Answer Racing products in BMX.

Answer racing answer bmx answer bike parts answer bmx parts

Arisun at danscomp.comArisun BMX parts at Dan's Comp

Founded by a team of experts with over 50 years in the BMX tire industry, Arisun continues to produce high quality BMX tires using the most modern techniques and materials available.

Arisun tires Arisun BMX tires Arison Arison BMX Arison BMX tires

Atlas at danscomp.comAtlas Neck Braces

Atlas is the home of the first racer designed, racer tested next generation neck brace, the Atlas Brace. The Atlas Brace family was uniquely designed and engineered to be only of the highest level of safety, comfort, mobility, and forward thinking ideas.

Atlas BMX neck braces BMX neck braces

Avid at danscomp.comAvid at Danscomp

Avid provides quality brakes and brake levers for bikes

avid avid bmx avid brakes avid levers

Banned at danscomp.comBanned Bmx at Danscomp

Banned Bmx produces quality bike parts famous for their Rasta colors.

Banned Bmx Banned bmx parts banned bmx tshirts

Base at danscomp.comBase at Dans Comp

BASE was started back in the 80's by a bunch of riders out of Brooklyn who were passionate about BMX. Over the years they joined together as a "family" to travel and ride as well as produce some of the industries first BMX "fashion".

Base Brooklyn BASE Base BMX Base BKNY

BELL at danscomp.comBELL

One of the oldest and most respected names in helmets for motorsports, cycling and BMX, Bell continues to produce innovative, good fitting helmets for all types of riding.

bell bmx bell bmx helmets bmx helmets bell bmx racing

Bicycle Union at danscomp.comBicycle Union

Based in London, England, Bicycle Union has been cranking out legit BMX parts for some time now. The Love Hate gloves have long been a favorite and Bicycle Union's expansion into the parts realm is a solid one.

Bluesix at danscomp.comBluesix

Take the technical aspect of your bike to the next level with lightweight titanium hardware from Bluesix.

Bombshell at danscomp.comBombshell Parts at Danscomp

Bombshells moto has been built to last and that's hard to argue when you see Bombshell parts actively raced for 5 or more years.

Bombshell parts bombshell bmx

Bone Deth at danscomp.comBone Deth

Bone Deth is the brainchild of infamous street daredevil Sean Burns and friends. Expect wild designs, imagery and clothing from this crew of East Cost mad men.

Boombotix at danscomp.comBoombotix and Dans Comp

Boombotix was founded on the vision to make the best portable speaker experience. These weatherproof speakers feature premium acoustics, wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a ruggedized shell built to last. These portable speakers interface with smartphones, tablets, laptops and most mobile devices. They are ultraportable speakers and are the new evolution of mobile audio.

Boombotix Boombotix speakers Speakers Music BMX

BOX Components at danscomp.comBOX Components at Dan's Comp

BOX Components is the brain child of BMX racing legend Toby Henderson. BOX Components focuses on top-of-the-line BMX racing parts including handlebars, brakes, rims, hubs and more.

BOX BMX BOX Racing BOX BMX Components BOX racing BOX racing components

BSD at danscomp.comBSD

From the United Kingdom, BSD makes frames and parts for down and dirty BMX. Clean designs with a creative approach, BSD offers something for every park, street or trail rider.

Buckle Down at danscomp.comBuckle Down

For over two decades Buckle-Down has been manufacturing high quality belt buckles and accessories on the cutting edge of fashion. From our Trademark SeatBelt Belts and Patented Keychains to our unbelievably cool Rock Star buckles and Dog Collars, Buckle-Down products have become a mainstay of popular culture.

Buckle Down belts seat belts seatbelts car belts. truck belts

Bully at danscomp.comBully Bmx at Danscomp

Bully was started in 1989 by RL Osborn. Bully has been and continues to be famous in the bmx industry.

Bully bmx bully bmx parts bully parts bully bikes bully frames

Cane Creek at danscomp.comCane Creek

You would assume if Cane Creek only makes headsets for BMX, then they must be good. Well, here's the good news, they are!

Cement Face at danscomp.comCement Face at Danscomp

The brain-child of pro BMX rider Eben Fischer, Cement face incorporates fine art and BMX themes into high quality clothing.

Cement Face Eben Fischer Cement face bmx

Chase at danscomp.comChase Frames at Danscomp

Chase aluminum racing frames are a solid choice for BMX racing.

Chase Frames Chase bmx chase bike frames

Chris King at danscomp.comChris King bmx parts at Danscomp

Long considered to be among the very finest quality in bicycle components, Chris King BMX parts maintain the reputation.

Chris King Chris king bmx chris king parts

Cinema at danscomp.comCinema

With a stacked team and thoroughly thought out product line, Cinema is a serious contender in the BMX wheel game.

Cliq at danscomp.comCliq Bmx Parts at Danscomp

Making serious parts for BMX racing is Cliq's mission.

Bmx parts cliq parts cliq bmx parts cliq bmx

Colony at danscomp.comColony

Australian based company Colony offers a complete line of BMX parts, frames and complete bikes in a multitude of sizes, styles and colors.

Converse at danscomp.comConverse Shoes at Dans Comp

Converse is one of the original names in sneakers and continues to produce traditionally styled shoes that maintain the All Star heritage. Beyond the classic Chuck Taylor, Converse has made performance enhancements for comfort, protection and durability for today's high-impact lifestyles.

Converse Converse shoes Converse bmx All Stars Chuck Taylor

Crack Dad at danscomp.comCrack Dad at Dan's Comp

Crack Dad is the brain-child of Dan's Comp team rider Trey Jones. Florida wild style!

Crack Dad BMX Crack Dad tshirts Crack Dad clothing

Crupi at danscomp.comCrupi at Dan's Comp

Make your BMX race bike lighter and faster with Crupi BMX frames and parts.

Crupi Crupi bmx crupi frames crupi bmx parts Crupi race Crupi race parts Crupi BMX race parts

Cult at danscomp.comCult at Dan's Comp

In a short time, Cult has made a big impact on the BMX world with a heavy team, quality parts and a unique image. The "Let Em Talk" DVD proved that Cult meant business. Cult clothing is right in line with the same bold graphics and straight forward presentation.

Cult Cult bikes Cult BMX Cult BMX bikes Cult bike co. Cult Crew Cult BMX parts Cult BMX bikes

Daily Grind at danscomp.comDaily Grind at Dan's Comp

The Daily Grind is a rider owned, street inspired, brand with parts designed for the long haul including pegs, hub guards, hubs, bars and more.

daily grind bmx the daily grind the daily grind bmx TDG DG

Dans Comp at danscomp.comDan's Comp BMX

Dan's Comp! The best in BMX. Dan's Comp clothing and accessories let you fly the flag in style!

Danscomp dans competition dans dans comp dans bmx

DC Shoes at danscomp.comDC Shoes at Dan's Comp

DC Shoes are a leader in action sports shoes and apparel, with innovative contributions to footwear advancement since the mid 90s. Fashion meets function. Shoes and clothes for every minute of your active life.

DC shoes DC BMX shoes DC skate shoes DC clothing DC shirts DC tshirts

Deadline at danscomp.comDeadline at Dan's Comp

The Deadline crew has been building a reputation as some of the most progressive street riders in BMX, culminating with the release of the Deadline DVD. Deadline clothing represents the crew in its purest form.

Deadline Deadline clothing Deadline DVD Deadline BMX Deadline video Dead Line Dead Line BMX

Deco at danscomp.comDeco at Dan's Comp

Founded by BMX legend Chad Degroot, Deco makes premium grade parts with a sense of humor. Check it out!

Deco BMX Deco BMX parts Deco parts Deco brand Deco BMX brand

Deluxe at danscomp.comDeluxe at Dan's Comp

English-based Deluxe makes frames and parts geared more toward trail riders, but the clean aesthetic of the Deluxe offerings fit right in with any style of BMX riding.

Deluxe BMX Deluxe BMX parts Deluxe parts

Demolition at danscomp.comDemolition at Dan's Comp

Demolition is one of the original BMX parts-only companies, having turned out quality goods for over a decade. Demolition makes just about every part for your BMX bike.

Demolition BMX Demolition parts Demolition BMX parts Demo

Diacompe at danscomp.comDiacompe at Dan's Comp

Forever at the fingertips of BMX riders, Diacompe brake levers are well known for quality and effectiveness.

Diacompe diacompe brakes diacompe levers diacompe bmx Tech 77 Diacompe Tech 77 Dia Compe

Diatech at danscomp.comDiatech at Dan's Comp

Diatech produces the most proven, trusted brakes and parts in BMX. There is never a question of function or quality with Diatech brakes.

Diatech BMX Diatech brakes Diatech BMX brakes Diatech parts Diatech BMX parts Diatech brake levers

Dickies at danscomp.comDickies at Dan's Comp

Dickies is an American tradition in work wear and Dickies pants have been a favorite for years due to their durability and comfort. These days, Dickies offers their pants in more contemporary, slimmer fits, as well as in traditional styles

Dickies jeans Dickies pants Dickies BMX Dickies BMX pants Dickies work pants Dickies shorts

Divebomb at danscomp.comDivebomb at Dan's Comp

Everywhere the UCI BMX Supercross tour has travelled around the world, thousands of fans attending the events have left wanting more. They wanted cool stuff to show their support of the sport they loved and the riders they look up to. That’s why Divebomb BMX was born!

divebomb Bmx dive bomb bmx divebomb tshirts drivebomb shirts Divebomb clothing

Division at danscomp.comDivision at Dan's Comp

Division is a street oriented brand based out of Australia with a host of parts designed to take the abuse of even the toughest riders.

Division BMX Division BMX parts Division Brand Division

DK Bikes at danscomp.comDK Bikes at Dan's Comp

DK Bicycles started out as DK back in the day. It's the typical Father/son BMX story. Pretty cool that it all started with a dad making Stems for his kid and his friends. In the late 90's DK took off and today DK Bicycles is one of the largest BMX bike companies as well as one the largest BMX distributors in the industry.

DK bikes DK bmx DK bmx bikes DK bmx parts DK bmx accessories DK race parts DK race frames DK race bikes

Doublecross at danscomp.comDoublecross at Dan's Comp

Handmade BMX race frames are what Doublecross does best. Using the highest quality of materials and with over 30 years of BMX racing experience, the guys at Doublecross know a thing or two about building top-of -the-line BMX race frames.

Doublecross bmx Doublecross parts Doublecross parts Doublecross racing Doublecross bmx racing Doublecross frames

Duo at danscomp.comDuo at Dan's Comp

Duo makes BMX parts for the "contact points" of your bike. Hands on the grips, butt on the seat, feet on the pedals, tires on the ground. Duo makes great parts for each.

Duo BMX Duo BMX parts Duo BMX grips Duo BMX tires Duo BMX seat Duo BMX pedals

Eclat at danscomp.comEclat at Dan's Comp

With a creative and technologically driven approach to BMX parts development, any piece from the Eclat line of parts is sure to improve the performance and look of your bike.

Eclat BMX Eclat parts Eclat BMX parts Eclat hubs Eclat wheels Eclat rims

EKS Brand at danscomp.comEKS Brank at Dan's Comp

EKS Brand is a maker of high-quality BMX racing and off-road goggles. Lightweight and comfortable, EVS Brand goggles are a must for any true racer.

EKS EKS goggles EKS BMX goggles EKS MotoX goggles EKS MX goggles

Elevn at danscomp.comElevn at Dan's Comp

Elevn makes quality BMX parts for the racer looking for the extra edge over the competition. Elevn makes a wide variety of BMX racing components from forks to stems, handlebars, chainwheels, seats and more.

Elevn bmx elevn parts bmx parts elevn racing elevn bmx racing

Emerica at danscomp.comEmerica at Dan's Comp

Emerica is king of the core skateboarding shoe world and the parallels between skateboarding and BMX legitimizes Emerica's place on the feet of BMXers.. Straightforward designs with premium features for comfort, support and protection make Emerica a shoe brand to consider.

Emerica shoes Emerica shoe Emerica sneakers Emerica BMX Emerica BMX shoes Emerica skateboard shoes

Etnies at danscomp.comEtnies at Dan's Comp

Created in 1986 (the same year as Dan's Comp!), Etnies has long been considered among the very best in shoes and clothing for fashion forward youth everywhere. With BMX specific shoes and styles for every application, it's tough to go wrong with Etnies.

Etnies shoes etnies shoe etnies sneakers etnies bmx etnies bmx shoes etnies shirts etnies pants etnies jeans

EVS at danscomp.comEVS at Dan's Comp

EVS makes lightweight protective gear for all types of BMX riding. From knee guards to ankle braces, shoulder braces, shin guards and more, EVS has you covered with quality protective gear.

EVS EVS bmx EVS bike riding EVS bmx parts

Excess at danscomp.comExcess at Dan's Comp

Excess wheels are engineered for high performance BMX racing use. Excess wheels are lightweight, quick to engage for fast gate starts, and reliable. What more can you ask for?

Excess Excess bmx excess wheels excess bmx racing excess bmx parts excess racing excess bmx racing wheels

Failure at danscomp.comFailure at Dan's Comp

Based in Ohio and headed up by Matt Bischoff, Failure offers a solid line of hardcore frames, parts and accessories.

Failure BMX Failure BMX parts Failure parts Failure bikes

Fairdale Bikes at danscomp.comFairdale Bikes at Dans Comp

Fairdale Bikes is the brain-child of BMX legend Taj Mihelich. His philosophy on bikes comes from his BMX background. Keeping bikes simple and working is goal number one because he believes the more people ride the more they will fall in love cycling.

Fairdale Fairdale bikes BMX cruiser coaster Taj Taj Milhelich fairdale bike fairdale cruiser bikes fairdale road bikes faidale commuter bikes

Fallen at danscomp.comFallen at Dan's Comp

Fallen shoes are designed for abuse on the streets and skateparks of the world. Stylish uppers and durable soles are a proper combination for BMX.

Fallen Fallen shoes Fallen bmx Fallen BMX shoes Fallen sneakers Fallen BMX sneakers

Fatboy Mini BMX at danscomp.comFatboy Mini BMX at Dan's Comp

Not to be taken too seriously, Fatboy Mini BMX bikes are miniature sized BMX bikes designed to be fun for riders of all ages. They make a great pit bike for cruising around at the races or provide a few laughs while getting silly at the park.

Fat boy mini bikes fatboy bikes mini bikes fatboy mini bmx bikes fatboy bmx bikes fatboy bmx

FBM at danscomp.comFBM at Dan's Comp

FBM started in 1993 in upstate New York as a tee shirt company and has grown to become one of the most respected names in BMX. With their own in-house manufacturing facility and a true dedication to BMX, "Fat Bald Men", as the initials originally stood for, take pride in the frames, complete bikes and boldly branded clothing that bares the FBM brand.

FBM bike company FBM BMX FBM parts FBM BMX parts FBM frames FBM BMX co FBM bike co Fat Bald Men

Federal at danscomp.comFederal at Dan's Comp

Federal is one of England's premier BMX brands, but their status in America is nothing to scoff at. Federal has it covered with pro model frames and a complete line of parts.

Federal bikes Federal BMX Federal parts Federal BMX parts Federal BMX shirts Federal BMX clothing Federal bicycle company

Feedback Sports at danscomp.comFeedback Sports at Dan's Comp

Feedback Sports is a rider owned and operated company that specializing in high-quality bicycle racks and repair stands. Whether you're looking for a simple storage solution or shop quality repair stand, Feedback Sports has you covered.

Feedback sport feed back sports feedback sports bike stand feedbackk sports repair stand

Fiction at danscomp.comFiction at Dan's Comp

Looking for quality BMX bikes at affordable prices? Fiction has you covered!

Fiction Fiction bmx fiction bikes Fiction BMX bikes Fiction BMX parts Fiction parts

Fiend at danscomp.comFiend at Dan's Comp

Fronted by modern day BMX hero Garrett Reynolds, Fiend frames, parts and clothing are ready for action.

Fiend Fiend bmx parts Fiend frames Fiend bmx clothing Fiend BMX parts Fiend parts

Finish Line at danscomp.comFinish Line at Dan's Comp

Finish Line offers a complete line of lubricants to keep your bike running smooth and fast. Don't overlook the importance of lube on all the threaded components of your bike, along with the seat post, brake cables, etc.

Finish line lube finish line grease finish line chain lube finish line wax lube finish line BMX lube finish line bicycle lube

Fit at danscomp.comFit at Dan's Comp

Fit Bike Co. came to life at the onset of the millennium and has grown to become one of the most renown brands in BMX. From their team of legendary riders, to top of the line frames, complete bikes, components and a fairly advanced clothing line, Fit is it.

Fit Bike Co Fit bmx Fit bikes fit bmx bikes Fit bike parts

Fly Bikes at danscomp.comFly Bikes at Dan's Comp

The Spanish based company Fly Bikes is one of the most innovative companies in the BMX industry, bringing several new technologies to the masses. Beyond the frames and parts, Fly has an incredible team of riders.

fly bikes fly fly bmx fly bmx parts fly parts fly BMX frames Fly Bikes BMX Fly BMX bikes

Fly Racing at danscomp.comFly Racing at Dan's Comp

Ready to line it up in the starting gate? Fly Racing offers a full compliment of racing gear, including pants, jersies, helmets, safety gear and SPD shoes.

Fly race fly bmx racing fly racing safety gear fly safety gear fly racing jersey fly racing pants fly racing helmets fly racing clipless shoes

Fox at danscomp.comFox at Dan's Comp

Fox is an iconic brand, with the recognizable Fox head logo having been seen everywhere for years, on Tee shirts, jerseys and on the clothes of their influential BMX team. Beyond the logo, Fox makes great clothing for all purposes, from racing, to street riding to kicking back when it's all over.

Fox BMX Fox apparel Fox clothing Fox shirts Fox pants Fox safety gear Fox jersey Fox racing Fox helmets

FSA at danscomp.comFSA at Dan's Comp

FSA is known for making ultra durable headsets and drivetrain components. When you install FSA BMX parts, you can rest assured they will perform.

FSA parts FSA BMX parts FSA headsets Full Speed Ahead

Further at danscomp.comFurther at Dan's Comp

Further brand is an LA-based clothing project from the creative mind of BMX pro Sean Ricany. Further offers clean designs, classic silhouettes and subtle branding for function and style, on and off the bike.

Further Further BMX Further bikes Further clothing Further Tee Further TShirt

Fuse at danscomp.comFuse at Dan's Comp

Fuse makes simple, effective safety gear, designed to be worn with regular street clothes. Fuse has a complete line of knee pads, elbow pads and shin guards to best fit your needs. Be safe while keeping it stealth.

Fuse protection Fuse pads Fuse safety gear Fuse BMX pads Fuse knee pads Fuse elbow pads Fuse shin guards

GForm at danscomp.comGForm at Dan's Comp

Quality, good fitting pads for all BMX applications. Gform pads are slim, lightweight and extremely effective at reducing the chance of injury. Gform has a complete line of elbow pads, knee pads and shin guards to keep you rolling for as long as possible.

GForm GForm Pads GForm bmx pads Gform racing Gform safet gear Gform elbow pads Gform knee pads Gform shin guards

GoPro at danscomp.comGoPro at Dan's Comp

Document all of your BMX riding with a GoPro helmet mount camera or use it free-hand to film your crew. Don't miss a second of the action, record the radness!

GoPro cameras GoPro accessories GoPro video cameras

GSport at danscomp.comGSport at Dan's Comp

Gsport is known for innovative, well-built parts for BMX including some of the best BMX hubs and rims available today.

Gsport bmx Gsport bmx parts Gsport parts Gsport hubs

GT at danscomp.comGT at Dan's Comp

One of the original names in BMX, GT continues to produce top notch bikes, frames, parts and accessories for BMX racing and freestyle.

GT GT Bikes GT Bmx GT Bmx bikes GT BMX parts GT parts

Haro Bikes at danscomp.comHaro Bikes at Dan's Comp

One of the original names in freestyle BMX, Haro Bikes continues to produce top notch frames and parts, along with having some heavy hitters on their team.

Haro BMX Haro parts Haro BMX parts Haro freestyle Haro bikes Haro BMX bikes

Idol Hand at danscomp.comIdol Hand at Dans Comp

A mischievous undertone to a company stemming from basic hard work. Bringing you a comfortable, durable, riding glove with art from today’s best tattoo artist’s and creative minds. We are here to set the bar. Artist Inspired. Rider Owned. Rider Operated.

idol hand idol hands idol hand bmx idol hand gloves idol hand safety gear idol hand race

Ipath at danscomp.comIpath at Dan's Comp

Casual styling with performance features is what Ipath shoes are all about. Ride, hide or step aside, Ipath takes a positive step forward.

Ipath shoes ipath sneakers ipath clothing ipath shirts

Kenda at danscomp.comKenda at Dan's Comp

Kenda produces tires for every type of BMX action and has been in the game a long time, so you know you're getting a proven product when you choose Kenda.

Kenda BMX Kenda tires Kenda BMX tires Kenda race tires

KHE at danscomp.comKHE at Dan's Comp

KHE helped to usher in the freecoaster craze with its Geisha rear hub and continues to make high tech parts for technical BMX riding.

KHE KHE BMX KHE BMX parts KHE parts KHE bikes KHE BMX bikes KHE freecoasters

Kid Dynamite at danscomp.comKid Dynamite at Dan's Comp

Kid DynaMite targets today's youth in BMX freestyle and race. We know these kids eat, sleep and breathe BMX and Kid Dynamite is here to provided these lil' shredders with some killer swag to go with their intense lifestyle... "RIDE IT...WEAR IT...LIVE IT"

Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite clothing Kid Dynamite bmx

Kingstar at danscomp.comKingstar at Dan's Comp

Kingstar makes serious parts for BMX racing including Kingstar headsets, bottom brackets, chain adjusters and more. No matter what you choose, Kingstar BMX parts are ready for the track.

Kingstar bmx Kingstar parts kingstar bmx parts kingstar racing

Kink at danscomp.comKink at Dan's Comp

Starting as a parts company in Rochester, New York in the 90s, Kink has grown to offer everything from small parts to complete bikes, along with having one of the most influential teams in BMX.

Kink BMX Kink Bikes Kink BMX parts Kink BMX bikes Kink parts

KMC at danscomp.comKMC at Dan's Comp

KMC is all about chains, and they offer them for every possible BMX application. A reliable, smooth running chain is what you can expect from KMC

KMC chains KMC BMX KMC BMX chains

Knight at danscomp.comKnight at Dan's Comp

Little parts that make a big difference in your bike's performance is what Knight is all about. Additionally, Knight has reproduced some well done, updated versions of classic BMX products.

Knight BMX Knight BMX parts Night Night BMX parts

Kool Stop at danscomp.comKool Stop at Dan's Comp

Kool Stop has made high-quality brake pads for decades and is still going strong today with a full line of brake pads that cater to your specific needs.

Kool stop Kool stop pads kool stop bmx kool stop brakes Cool stop Cool stop brake pads

LDC at danscomp.comLittle Dude Components (LDC) at Dan's Comp

LDC stands for "Little Dude Components" and these BMX racing parts are everything a young racer could ask for: light, strong and functional.

LDC Little Dude Components LDC parts LDC Racing LDC BMX LDC BMX racing Little dude racing parts little dude bmx parts

Leatt at danscomp.comLeatt at Dan's Comp

The Leatt brace is an innovative brace designed to prevent serious neck injuries. Primarily for BMX racing, a Leatt brace adds a true sense of safety to every lap around the track. Leatt has since expanded their lineup to include other safety gear including chest protectors, elbow pads and knee pads.

Leat Leatt safety gear Leatt brace Leatt neck brace Leatt elbow pads Leatt knee pads

Lipz at danscomp.comLipz at Dan's Comp

Making high-quality BMX racing number plates right here in the USA is what Lipz Panelz is all about.

Lipz Lipz plates Lipz number plates Lipz Panelz Lipz Panels Lips number plates Lips numberplates Lipz numberplates

Lizard Skins at danscomp.comLizard Skins at Dan's Comp

Lizard Skins specializes in safety gear for both bike and body. Clean, low-profile padding for maximum protection without bulkiness. Grips and a number plate round out the Lizard Skins race ready BMX collection

Lizard skins safety gear Lizard skins grips lizard skin lizard skinz

Locals Only at danscomp.comLocals Only at Dans Comp

Locals Only is a lifestyle brand masterminded by BMX pro (and Dan's Comp team rider) Nathan Sykes. It's not only for locals, it's for everyone!

locals only locals only bmx locals only tshirts locals only tee locals apparel. locals clothing

Lotek at danscomp.comLotek at Dan's Comp

Lotek is one of the premier BMX specific shoe companies, with classic footwear inspiration. Vibrant colorways and subtle features help Lotek stand on its own, while select clothing pieces round out the collection.

Lotek BMX Lotek shoes Lotec Loteck Lotek BMX shoes Lotek sneakers Lotek clothing Lotek shirts

Lumen at danscomp.comLumen at Dans Comp

With strong roots in BMX and competitive cycling, Lumen brings a unique perspective to safety apparel and accessories.

Lumen race pants lumen jersey lumen gloves lumen bmx

MacNeil at danscomp.comMacNeil

Canadian based MacNeil makes something for everyone in BMX, from their well known street and park frames, to race frames, to all types of parts. Additionally, MacNeil is the originator of the pivotal seat/post, now an industry standard.

Madera at danscomp.comMadera at Dan's Comp

Inspired, minimalist designs and proudly made in USA, Madera BMX parts are ready for action at a reasonable price.

Madera BMX Madera parts Madera BMX parts

Mankind at danscomp.comMankind at Dan's Comp

Mankind is a rider owned and operated BMX company that offers innovative frames, parts and clothing with a stylish touch and fresh approach.

Mankind Mankind frames mankind bmx mankind bmx parts mankind parts

Markit at danscomp.comMarkit at Dan's Comp

Markit started as a riding crew with Dennis Enarson and his friends, but has since evolved into a full-on clothing company. Markit clothing is designed for riding, by riders.

Markit Markit BMX Markit jeans Markit Demim Markit Clothing Market Clothing Market BMX Market Denium

Maxxis at danscomp.comMaxxis at Dan's Comp

With premium tires for dirt, street and the skatepark, Maxxis has BMX tires in every size and configuration imaginable.

Maxxis Maxis Maxxis tires Maxxis BMX tires

McLain at danscomp.comMcLain at Dan's Comp

Stay in shape and keep your BMX skills fine-tuned with rollers from McLain.

Bmx training bike training bike rollers training rollers

MCS at danscomp.comMCS at Dan's Comp

Founded in Florida in the mid 1970s, MCS continues to offer quality bikes and components for BMX racing.


Mechanik at danscomp.comMechanik at Dan's Comp

Mechanik has both half-link and standard BMX chains, built to high standards and available in colors to match every bike.

Mechanik BMX Mechanik parts Mechanic BMX Mechanic parts Mechanic chains Mechanik chains Mechanik BMX chains

Merritt at danscomp.comMerritt at Dan's Comp

From the streets to the woods of the East Coast, Merritt BMX products are designed by riders, for riders.

Merritt Merritt BMX Merritt parts Merritt BMX parts Merrit Meritt

Mission at danscomp.comMission at Dan's Comp

Well built parts and accessories at a price to meet any budget? Mission has it handled with a wide selection of BMX parts ranging from wheels, hubs, stems, cranks and more.

Mission BMX Mission BMX parts Mission parts

Morphine at danscomp.comMorphine Dan's Comp

Morphine Industries focuses on the fine detail parts of your BMX race bike such as headset spacers, stems, stem locks, bars and more

Morphine Morphine bmx morphine morphine bmx parts morphine bike parts

MotoUp at danscomp.comMotoUp at Dan's Comp

Products for those who battle in the dirt. MotoUp provides Racewear and accessories that capture the essence of the BMX way of life.

Moto Up MotoUp clothing Moto Up clothing Motoup BMX Motop shirts

Moxie BMX at danscomp.comMoxie BMX at Dan's Comp

"Moxie BMX Mini Bikes are heavy-duty miniature BMX trick bikes. These two wheel mini bikes are intended for the little rippers all the way up to the entire family! There is no age limit for true shredders that want to dominate the skate park, race track, backyard ramp, or neighborhood! Moxie Mini BMX bikes are the hottest, raddest mini BMX bike on the market today!"

Moxie mini bikes Moxie bikes mini bikes Moxie mini bmx bikes Moxie bmx bikes Moxie bmx Moxy BMX Mini bikes Moxie BMX mini bikes

Mutiny at danscomp.comMutiny at Dan's Comp

Mutiny's hype is fueled by their incredible video productions over the years and their frames and parts live up to it. Texas-based BMX at its finest, Mutiny is on point.

Mutiny BMX Mutiny parts Mutiny BMX parts

Nike at danscomp.comNike at Dan's Comp

One of the biggest names in all of the athletic shoe business, Nike shoes and apparel are on-point for BMX and every day life.

Nike Nike bmx nike 6.0 nike SB Nike shoes Nike sneakers

Nowear at danscomp.comNowear at Dan's Comp

NOWEAR is rider owned and operated from Unadilla, Nebraska. The name represents Mid-West riders from the sticks, the “middle of nowhere,” who live and breathe action sports.

nowear nowear clothing nowear shirts nowear bmx

Oakley at danscomp.comOakley at Dan's Comp

With origins in the 1970's world of motocross and the early days of BMX, Oakley continues to raise the bar with advanced sunglass design. Function, fit and fashion are key points of every pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley sunglasses Oakley sun glasses Oakley BMX

ODI at danscomp.comODI at Dan's Comp

ODI Longnecks have consistently been a top choice in BMX grips for twenty plus years. Still made in California, and still a favorite, ODI has a grip on things.

ODI ODI grips ODI BMX ODI BMX grips ODI Longneck

Odyssey at danscomp.comOdyssey at Dan's Comp

One of the most respected names in BMX, Odyssey offers literally every part for your bike besides a frame. In addition to their incredible parts range, Odyssey has a list of influential team riders a mile long,

Odyssey odyssey bmx odyssey parts

Onyx at danscomp.comOnyx at Dan's Comp

Made in the USA, Onyx is a manufacturer of top-of-the-line BMX race hubs best known for their silent operation and instant engagement, making them the perfect weapon on the race track.

Onyx bmx Onyx parts Onyx parts Onyx racing Onyx bmx racing

Orchid at danscomp.comOrchid at Dan's Comp

One of the original BMX shoe brands, Orchid continues to deliver functional shoes for every part of a BMXer's day. Clean designs, performance construction and BMX specific features rank Orchid shoes high on the list.

Orchid shoes Orchid sneakers Orchid clothing Orchid shirts

Osiris at danscomp.comOsiris at Dan's Comp

As much at home at the skatepark as hanging out with friends, Osiris shoes are built from the ground up with attention to detail. Bold colors, straight-forward designs and protection in all the right places, Osiris shoes are good to go

Osiris shoes Osiris clothing Osiris sneakers Osiris shirts Osiris hats

OSS at danscomp.comOSS at Dan's Comp

OSS is an LA-based BMX crew which includes Dan's Comp team riders Stevie Churchill and Broc Raiford, among others. Keep it street with OSS!

OSS OSS Clothing oss clothes oss bmx

Park Tools at danscomp.comPark Tools at Dan's Comp

The standard of the bicycle industry for specialized tools, Park Tools makes quality products to dial in every part of your bike.

Park Park Tools Park bicycle tools Park bike tools

Paul at danscomp.comPaul at Dan's Comp

Paul has been designing and manufacturing quality BMX brake components since 1989. With Paul brake components, you'll literally be able to stop on a dime.

Paul brakes paul bmx paul bmx brakes paul components

Pedal Sock at danscomp.comPedal Socks at Danscomp

Pedal Socks are a great way to protect your BMX bike on bike racks and in cars while traveling.

Pedal sock pedal bmx socks bike protectors

Peep Game at danscomp.comPeep Game at Dan's Comp

Peep Game is the brain child of Steve Croteau and all about keeping it real in the streets, on your bike, with your crew.

Peep Game Peepgame Peep Game tshirts Peep Game clothing Peep Game BMX

Position One at danscomp.comPosition One at Dan's Comp

Position One manufactures quality race bikes at an affordable price. Position One race bikes come in a variety of sizes for younger riders looking to enter the world of BMX racing.

position 1 position 1 race position one race

Potterplates at danscomp.comPotterPlates at Dans Comp

Make sure they know your number at the track with Potter Plates for BMX racing.

Potter Plates Potter number plates potter racing plates

Poverty at danscomp.comPoverty at Dan's Comp

As the name suggests, Poverty parts are all about BMX on the cheap, but Poverty doesn't skimp on quality, these parts will do the job.

Poverty BMX Poverty parts Poverty BMX parts

Premium at danscomp.comPremium at Dan's Comp

Bikes, frames and dialed parts for BMX is what Premium is all about. Simple design elements and quality construction are at the top of the Premium checklist.

Premium BMX Premium bikes Premium BMX parts Premoum bike parts Premium parts

Primo at danscomp.comPrimo at Dan's Comp

Primo helped to pioneer a lot of the street/park BMX parts used today, with innovative designs and durable, but not overbuilt, parts. Primo keeps the tradition going with the current line up.

Primo BMX Primo parts Primo BMX parts Primo products Premo Primo cranks Primo hubs

Pro-Tec at danscomp.comPro-Tec at Dan's Comp

One of the original action sports helmets, Pro-Tec continues to lead the charge with protective equipment for all types of BMX action. From the Pro-Tec Classic that started it all, to full face helmets, to knee and elbow pads, Pro-Tec literally has you covered.

Protec Protec helmets Protec safety gear Pro-tec helmets Pro-tec safety gear

Profile at danscomp.comProfile at Dan's Comp

Profile Racing has been around for decades, originally producing drivetrain components for race cars and evolving into BMX cranks and parts. To this day, American-made Profile cranks, hubs and parts are considered among the very best and a top choice for all types of BMX riding.

Profile racing Profile racing parts Profile bmx parts profile bmx profile hubs profile cranks

Promax at danscomp.comPromax at Dan's Comp

Led by BMX racing legend Toby Henderson, Promax uses their world-class manufacturing abilities to make high-quality race parts that not only function well on the track, but look great doing it.

Promax components Promax racing Promax BMX Promax race parts Promax BMX parts

Proper at danscomp.comProper at Dan's Comp

From jolly old England, Proper has real BMX roots and keeps the flag flying with a "proper" approach to BMX frames, wheels and parts.

Proper BMX Proper hubs Proper BMX parts Proper parts

Props at danscomp.comProps at Dan's Comp

Props video magazine has been documenting BMX since the days of VHS tapes (before the internet!) and continues to do it the best with regular DVD of Props, as well as the Road Fools and Megatour BMX tour series.

Props BMX Props Visual Props BMX videos Props clothing Props shirts

Pryme at danscomp.comPryme at Dan's Comp

Cost-conscious gear for the race track or the backyard, Pryme offers a solid selection of helmets, safety gear and accessories with no compromise in quality.

Pryme BMX Pryme safety gear Pryme helmets Pryme shin guards Prime

Quintin at danscomp.comQuintin at Dan's Comp

Quintin offers a complete line of stylish hats and t-shirts that focus on quality and backed by a stacked team of BMX riders.

Quintin Quintin hats Quintin bmx Quintin BMX hats

Race Face at danscomp.comRace Face at Dan's Comp

Race Face is a Canadian based company with over 20 years experience manufacturing leading-edge bicycle components. Many of these components including cranks and bottom brackets have found their way onto the bikes of world class BMX racers.

raceface race face bmx raceface bmx race face BMX parts raceface BMX parts

Rant at danscomp.comRant at Dan's Comp

Good parts at affordable prices is the Rant approach to BMX. Rant carries a large portion of BMX parts including wheels, tires, cranks, forks, headsets and more.

Rant Rant bmx Rant bike parts rant bmx parts

Redline at danscomp.comRedline at Dan's Comp

Redline is the original BMX company, having invented the modern BMX fork in 1974 and the three-piece chromoly crank in 1978. Redline continues to raise the bar with quality frames, parts and accessories in the spirit of original parts.

Redline Redline bmx redline bikes redline racing redline bmx bikes

Rennen at danscomp.comRennen at Dan's Comp

You aren't getting anywhere without a sprocket on your bike, and Rennen offers a complete line of BMX chainrings in various sizes, colors and styles.

Rennen BMX Rennen race Rennen race parts Rennen BMX race parts Rennen sprockets Rennen chainrings Rennen chainwheels

Revenge at danscomp.comRevenge at Dan's Comp

Revenge takes BMX serious while maintaining a sense of humor.

Revenge Revenge Bmx revenge clothing Revenge Industries Revenge Industry

Rhythm at danscomp.comRhythm at Dan's Comp

Keep your rhythm on the race track with BMX parts from Rhythm. Rhythm is best known for their BMX rims, hubs and chains, along with several other quality BMX components.

Rhythm Rhythm bmx Rhythm bmx parts Rhythm parts

Ride at danscomp.comRide at Dan's Comp

Ride BMX magazine has been covering BMX on paper for twenty years and maintains the tradition with a better magazine than ever. Along the way, Ride added videos to the mix as well.

Ride BMX magazine Ride BMX Ride Magazine

S-One at danscomp.comS-One at Dan's Comp

S-One (S1) is a helmet manufacture with roots in California's rich action sports culture. S-One helmets are stylish, well fitting, and above all- safe.

SOne SOne helmets S-One helmets S1 S1 helmets

Salt at danscomp.comSalt at Dan's Comp

Salt makes no frills BMX parts that perform well without costing too much. SaltPlus is the premium level category of Salt BMX products. Expect high grade materials and craftsmanship from SaltPlus BMX parts.

Salt Salt bmx salt parts salt bmx parts salt plus saltplus saltplus parts saltplus BMX

Sapim at danscomp.comSapim at Dan's Comp

Sapim is a maker of high quality spokes and nipples for BMX and beyond. With a wide range of spoke variations including straight gauge, double-butted and ultra lightweight Laser spokes, Sapim has a spoke to fit your application.

Sapim Sapim spokes sapim bmx sapim bmx spokes

SE at danscomp.comSE at Dan's Comp

One of the iconic names in BMX, SE continues the tradition with bikes for the track, park or street. SE is known for their old school style with new school technology.


Shadow Conspiracy at danscomp.comThe Shadow Conspiracy at Dan's Comp

The Shadow Conspiracy is known throughout the BMX world for innovative parts and an image that is as much about having fun as it is horror business. The parts work right and the clothing proclaims your status as a member of the Shadow Conspiracy.

shadow conspiracy shadow TSC shadow conspiracy BMX shadow BMX shadow bmx parts Shadow

Shimano at danscomp.comShimano at Dan's Comp

One of the most highly regarded names in all of the bicycle world, Shimano makes BMX racing parts for high performance and high speed on the track.

Shimano BMX Shimano racing Shimano race parts Shimano BMX parts Shimano pedals Shimano cranks

SiDi at danscomp.comSiDi at Dan's Comp

SIDI was founded in 1960 in a small workshop for the manufacture of mountain sports footwear, the company specialized in the 70s in the production of motorcycle boots and cycling shoes. Thanks to the passion, professionalism and innovative insights of its founder Dino Signori, entrepreneur for over 50 years and cyclist always SIDI become in time one of the leading companies in its field. Tradition and innovation, comfort and design are the elements that make SIDI what it is today.

sidi shoes sidi bike shoes sidi bmx shoes sidi clipless shoes sidi spd shoes

Skavenger at danscomp.comSkavenger at Dan's Comp

Skavenger started as a joke among NYC street riding legends and has evolved from a clothing brand to a full-on frame company. Rider created and inspired, Skavenger keeps it real BMX.

Scavenger Skavenger BMX Skavenger BMX parts Scavenger BMX Scavenger BMX parts

Skullcandy at danscomp.comSkullcandy at Dan's Comp

Everyone likes music, and Skullcandy makes it right with stylish headphones, clothing and accessories. In this era of ever-changing technology, it's not easy to stand apart from the crowd. Turn it up with Skullcandy headphones.

Skullcandy headphones Skullcandy ear buds Skullcandy earbuds Skull Candy headphones Skull Candy earbuds Skull Candy

Skyway at danscomp.comSkyway at Dan's Comp

Skyway has been producing their nylon composite mag wheels for BMX since the 70s. If you want low maintenance, durable wheels and embrace the classic look of mags, Skyway is the answer.

Skyway BMX Skyway BMX parts Skyway mags Skyway wheels Skyway BMX mags Skyway BMX wheels

SM at danscomp.comS&M at Dan's Comp

S&M Bikes was founded in 1987 and is considered to be one of the first "rider owned" BMX companies. To this day, S&M continues to raise the bar with product development, refinement and advancement of their frames, forks and parts, produced in their own in-house manufacturing facility.

S&M SM s and m S&M bikes S&M bmx S&M BMX parts SM BMX SM BMX parts SM bikes

Snafu at danscomp.comSnafu at Dan's Comp

Snafu brings a rainbow of colors and a slew of dialed parts to the BMX world, presented with quality construction and attention to detail.

snafu bmx snafu bmx parts snafu brand

Snap at danscomp.comSnap at Dan's Comp

Getting the "snap" out of the gate is the goal at the track and Snap keeps that goal in mind while designing their BMX parts.

Snap bmx Snap bmx parts snap bmx racing

Speedline at danscomp.comSpeedline at Dan's Comp

Speedline makes top quality BMX parts to keep you at the front of the pack.

Speedline Speedline bmx speedline bmx parts speedline bike parts

SSquared at danscomp.comSSquared at Dan's Comp

Made in the USA, Ssquared racing frames are made using top quality materials and craftsmanship. Getting you to the finish line first is was SSquared is all about.

SSquared ssquared bmx ssquared bmx frames ssquared racing frames

Standard at danscomp.comStandard at Dan's Comp

Part of the first wave of "rider owned" companies, Standard has long been a respected name in BMX. Standard's developments in frame construction and design are key contributions to the current state of BMX frame weight, strength and geometry.

Standard Standard BMX Standard bikes Standard bykes Standard BMX parts

Stay Strong at danscomp.comStay Strong at Dan's Comp

Stay Strong clothing is special in that it was created after BMX pro Stephen Murray was seriously injured. Proceeds from the sales of Stay Strong clothing go to Stephen's ongoing medical expenses. Beyond the great cause, Stay Strong clothing looks good with a positive message.

Stay Strong BMX Staystrong Stephen Murray Stay Strong BMX parts Stay Strong clothing Stay Strong shirts

Stealth at danscomp.comStealth at Dan's Comp

USA made, precision quality BMX race hubs is what Stealth is all about. With instant engagement and silent operation, the competition won't hear you coming.

Stealth bmx stealth hubs stealth bmx hubs

Stolen at danscomp.comStolen at Dan's Comp

Complete bikes, build kits, frames and parts for street, dirt and park riding, Stolen takes a high quality, low hype approach to BMX.

Stolen BMX Stolen BMX parts Stolen BMX bikes Stolen BMX brand

Stranger at danscomp.comStranger at Dan's Comp

Stranger is focused on current street riding styles with a clean frame design and a free-floating graphic presentation. Keep it street with Stranger.

Stranger BMX parts Stranger brand Stranger BMX bikes

Strider at danscomp.comStrider at Dan's Comp

Strider balance bikes help toddlers and young children learn to ride on two wheels without the use of training wheels or a tricycle. Strider bikes focus on the core fundamentals of balance, leaning and steering first, without having to worry about pedaling. Strider balance bikes are a great way to introduce your child to the world on 2 wheels.

Strider balance bikes Strider push bikes Strider kids bikes Strider BMX bikes

Subrosa at danscomp.comSubrosa at Dan's Comp

A few years ago, Subrosa came out strong with a solid line of complete bikes that got the attention of everyone in BMX. Subrosa has evolved beyond complete bikes and offers cutting edge frames, parts and clothing.

Subrosa BMX Subrosa BMX parts Subrosa BMX bikes Subrosa Brand Subrosa Brand parts

SUN at danscomp.comSUN at Dan's comp

SUN specializes in high quality rims for BMX. Sun rims for every type of BMX riding, from fly-weight junior racers to full sized street stompers, Sun Rims have long been regarded for their quality and strength.

SUN SUN rims SUM bmx SUN Bmx rims SUN wheels

Sunday at danscomp.comSunday at Dan's Comp

When it debuted in 2005, Sunday made waves in BMX with innovative frames and parts. With the addition of high-end completes, the Sunday BMX line continues to expand in a positive direction.

Sunday bikes Sunday BMX Sunday frames Sunday parts Sunday BMX parts

Tangent at danscomp.comTangent at Dan's Comp

Quality parts for the BMX race track is what you get from Tangent. From number plates, to chainrings and grips, Tangent has you covered.

Tangent BMX Tangent BMX parts Tangent race Tangent BMX race parts Tangent race parts Tangent number plates Tangent grips

Tektro at danscomp.comTektro at Dan's Comp

Tektro has become a household name in the world of cycling, creating afforable, high quality U-brakes, V-brakes and brake levers designed with maximum performance in mind. You'll find that many BMX bikes are equipped with Tektro brakes right out of the box.

Tektro brakes Tektro BMX brakes Tektro U-brakes Tektro V-brakes

Tempered at danscomp.comTempered Bmx at Dan's Comp

Australian-based Tempered Bikes takes a creative perspective on BMX frames, parts and clothing.

Tempered bmx tempered bmx frames tempered bmx parts tempered bmx clothing

Terrible One at danscomp.comTerrible One at Dan's Comp

With some of the most legendary riders of the modern BMX era involved in its creation and on the team, Terrible One not only makes great frames, parts and clothing, but it is one of the most respected names in the industry.

Terrible One BMX T1 T-1 T1 BMX parts T1 BMX frames

THE at danscomp.comT.H.E. at Dan's Comp

Look good and stay protected on the track with BMX related safety gear, shoes and accessories from T.H.E.

T.H.E. THE gear T.H.E. gear THE THE shoes THE safety gear THE helmets

The Hundreds at danscomp.comThe Hundreds at Dan's Comp

Originally a small lifestyle brand in Los Angeles, The Hundreds as grown into a full fledged apparel company, creating high-quality clothing and accessories that have made their way into the BMX community.

The Hundreds clothing The Hundreds shirts The Hundreds apparel

The Take at danscomp.comThe Take at Dan's Comp

The Take stays true to their original mission of stylish, American made BMX frames and clothing.

The Take BMX The Take frames The Take clothing The Take shirts The Take On Life

The Trip at danscomp.comThe Trip at Dan's Comp

The Trip is a BMX lifestyle company based on good times and good friends. Unique, creative clothing for The Trip that is your life.

The Trip The Trip BMX Trip BMX

Time at danscomp.comTime at Dan's Comp

Stay connected to your race bike with Time clipless BMX pedals. When it comes to BMX racing, Time is known as one of the top clipless pedal brands in the industry.

Time Time bmx Time pedals Time clipless Time clipless pedals

Tioga at danscomp.comTioga at Dan's Comp

Tioga is responsible for the development of several key BMX components, most notably the Comp III tire, and continues to knock out great tires and parts.

Tioga tires Tioga BMX Tioga BMX tires

TNT at danscomp.comTNT BMX at Dan's Comp

A legendary name in East Coast BMX, TNT continues to produce top notch BMX hubs and racing gear.

TNT TNT racing TNT bmx TNT bmx gear TNT hubs TNT bmx wheels

Total BMX at danscomp.comTotal BMX at Dan's Comp

Total BMX is a rider owned and operated BMX company located in the UK. The goal of Total BMX is to make high quality and durable parts with great features and geometry.

total total bmx total bmx bike parts

Tree Bike Co at danscomp.comTree Bike Co at Dans Comp

Innovative BMX designs and quality products is the Tree Bike Co. claim to fame. Tree makes a variety of BMX components from hubs, spokes, sprockets, stems, handlebars and other high-quality bicycle parts.

Tree Tree bike co Tree bmx Tree bikes tree bicycle

Triple8 at danscomp.comTriple8 at Dan's Comp

Triple8 has been in the safety gear business since 1995, engineering and perfecting BMX helmets and safety gear for all ages.

Triple8 Triple8 helmets Triple8 bmx triple eight triple eight helmets triple eight bmx triple eight safety gear

Troy Lee at danscomp.comTroy Lee Designs at Dan's Comp

What began as the hobby of an MX racing teenager named Troy Lee, painting helmets in his parents garage for his friends, has grown to become recognized as the premier custom helmet paint shop in the world while producing some of the top safety gear in today's market for BMX and MX racers! TLD is the place where "The World's Fastest Racers" go when only the best will do!

Troy Lee Designs Troy Lee Helmets Troy Lee clothing Troy Lee Racing

TSG at danscomp.comTSG at Dan's Comp

TSG is a long standing name in safety gear, TSG continues to provide riders with helmets, pads and accessories in bold color ways. Clean designs, technical features and attention to safety are all important parts of the TSG safety gear program.

TSG helmet TSG helmets TSG BMX helmets TSG safety gear TSG pads TSG BMX pads

UNI at danscomp.comUNI at Dan's Comp

Originators of the lightweight seat/post combo, UNI continues to produce quality seating arrangements for BMX riders.

Uni bmx seats UNI seats UNI bmx seats UNI seat post

Unit at danscomp.comUnit at Dan's Comp

From nowere with nothing. What began in their parents' garage, quickly became something much bigger... Driven by a love of art and action sports Unit has challenged the boundaries of what a brand can achieve. Without limitations, censorship or corporate boardrooms, Unit represents the spirt of the next generation of progression. The next chapter has begun.

Unit bmx Unit clothes Unit clothing Unit shirts The Unit

United at danscomp.comUnited at Dan's Comp

England's United not only makes great bikes, frames, parts and accessories, they also share several team riders with Dan's Comp. Check out the stellar "This is United" DVD for evidence.

United bikes United bmx United bmx parts United bmx parts United

USA BMX at danscomp.comUSA BMX at Dan's Comp

BMX racing is a sport of youthful achievement and the American family. While the young boy & girl BMX racers develops skills at an individual pace, they are learning about winning, losing and trying again. The racer`s family learns that time spent together in support of the racer and the individual achievements is quality time well spent. It is the duty of USA BMX to establish the rules of racing that provide fair competition and fun family entertainment for all of its 70,000 plus members

USA BMX racing USA BMX clothing USA BMX shirts USA BMX race

Vans at danscomp.comVans at Dan's Comp

Oh yeah, Vans is the original shoes for skateboarding, BMX and California dreamin'. From the classic styling of the often imitated Era to more technical, BMX specific shoes, Vans has a shoe for every purpose. Vans has a complete line of clothing as well, so you are covered head to toe.

vans vans skate vans bmx vans shoes vans clothing vans shirt vans shorts vans jeans vans skateboarding

Vee at danscomp.comVee at Dan's Comp

Vee is a BMX tire manufacturer with years of experience using choice selected raw materials and modern manufacturing techniques to bring riders the highest quality of tire possible.

Vee Rubber Vee Tire Co Vee tires

Verde at danscomp.comVerde at Dan's Comp

Verde BMX is focused on complete bikes with clean designs, good parts and tasteful color offerings. Well-done frames and accessories round out the Verde line up.

Verde Bikes Verde Bmx Verde bmx bikes Verde bike parts

Verve at danscomp.comVerve BMX at Dans Comp

Verve Footwear Brand is an Australian owned BMX inspired footwear and apparel company. The ambition for Verve Footwear Brand is to support the growth of BMX as a sport and its culture while supplying premium quality shoes and apparel to it's riders. All of our products are made with the finest high quality materials to provide the best functionality and durability for use while riding.

verve bmx verve

Volcom at danscomp.comVolcom at Dan's Comp

Classy gear with a wild streak, Volcom clothing is designed to perform in all facets of an action-packed life. With shorts, pants, hoodies, jackets, tees, button ups and plenty of accessories, Volcom clothing offers the complete kit.

volcom volcom skate volcom bmx volcom shirts volcom clothing volcom hoodie volcom jeans

Volume at danscomp.comVolume at Dan's Comp

Fronted by street riding pioneer Brian Castillo, Volume pumps out frames, parts and clothing of advanced design.

volume volume bmx volume bmx parts volume parts

We The People at danscomp.comWe The People BMX

We The People produces complete BMX bikes, frames and parts to high standards of quality and design. Truly an international company, We The People takes BMX worldwide.

we the people wethepeople WTP we the people bmx we the people bikes

Wellgo at danscomp.comWellgo at Dan's Comp

Wellgo makes pedals for all types of BMX (and for many other companies), with an emphasis on strength and function.

wellgo bmx pedals wellgo pedals wellgo race pedals welgo pedals welgo bmx welgo bmx race pedals

XLC at danscomp.comXLC at Dan's Comp

XLC helps you take care of your BMX bike whether you're riding it, working on it or storing it, with locks, stands and accessories.

XLC XLC stands XLC bike accessories

Xsories at danscomp.comXsories at Dan's Comp

Xsories is a maker of high quality smart phone camera accessories aimed at BMX riders who enjoy filming with their iPhones and other smart devices. Get the best angle possible and never miss a second of the action with smart phone tripods and mounting devices from Xsories.

phone xsories phone accessories bmx xsories iphone xsories phone tripod Xssories

Yess at danscomp.comYess

Yess is a high end race brand based out of Canada that offers hand-built BMX frames and quality components to meet the needs of today's top racers.

Yess Yess BMX Yess BMX racing Yess race parts Yes parts Yes BMX race parts

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