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Promo Code Exclusions

Catalog/Banners/Calendar/Email Offer Exclusions:

  • Promo Codes are NOT Valid with any other offer.
  • Promo Codes Generally are NOT Valid on Clearance, SALE, Scratch and Dent, and Black Friday or CYBER Monday or CYBER Deal items.
  • Each Promo Code offer has a limited time of use. Offers are not retroactive.
  • Each Promo Code usually has a requirement of use, such as a minimum dollar amount. This amount excludes clearance items, scratch and dent items, Black Friday Items (When available), tax, and gift certificates.
  • Free Ground Shipping promotions are valid for the continental US only. (AK, HI and PR are excluded) Includes Bikes, Frames and Wheels.
  • 1-Day Shipping Promotions have a $100 Order Minimum (Minimum Order Amount does not include Shipping charges, Taxes, Gift Certificates, and is after any Discounts)

Please be aware Some Brand exclusions may apply. This means a brand you are purchasing does not work with the promo code and is excluded from Promo Code use. (Example: You have a 2019 bike in your shopping cart and a promo discount is not applying, you are most likely experiencing the brand you are buying does not allow discounting of their brand.)

It may also mean the amount of an item in your shopping cart is not calculating towards the required total for the promo code to work. If you have an item that is $75 and the promo code requires $100 to work, you will not see the discount apply until you reach $100 in qualified merchandise. You could have a $45 item that is excluded from the promo code (Clearance item) which would not count towards the $100 requirement due to the $45 item being excluded from Promo Codes. You would need to add an additional $45 of merchandise to hit the $100 qualification.

If you have questions please contact Customer Service. Contact Form.